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The nickname for the state of New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. The capitol of the state is Santa Fe and the state flower is the Yucca.

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Q: What is New Mexico's nick name?
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What is the meaning of land of Enchantment?

new mexicos nick name

What is New Mexicos original name?

Territorio de Nuevo Mexico (Spanish for Territory of New Mexico)

What did new mexicos involvement in the spanish american war show?

The involvement of new Mexicos in the Spanish American war showed solidarity.

What is new mexicos nickname?

Land of Enchantment

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Why did the new Mexicans name new mexicos nickname land of enchantment?

the nickname was given because of its rich history and scenic beauty

What state is number 47 and state number 48?

47 is New Mexicos state number. 47 is New Mexicos state number.

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There is currently no state fruit for New Mexico

What is New Mexicos capitlal?

Santa Fe is the capital

What is New Mexicos settlement?

The Date Of State hood

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What do the words represent on New Mexicos flag?

there are no words on the flg of new mexico

Who are New Mexicos first known inhabitants?

the song is o'fair New Mexico

What is New Mexicos economy?

In 2003 New Mexico's economy was $1.2 billion

What is New Mexicos state fruit?

New Mexico has not adopted a state fruit.

What is new mexicos state birthday?

January 6th, 1912

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What are New mexicos agricultural products?

cattle, hay, and milk

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What is new mexicos forth largest city?

Santa Fe

What is new mexicos top vegetable?

the top vegetable is a cactus

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