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What is Orpheus known for?

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Orpheus was known for his music instrument called lyre

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Was perseus known for his beautiful singing voice?


Who was known for loving his wife and having a beautiful singing voice?


What is Orpheus character traits?

Orpheus is loving and orpheus is musical

What constellations are associated with he was known for his love for his wife and for his beautiful singing voice?

Orpheus A+

What is Orpheus?

Orpheus is a person

What is orpheus greek name?


Who was Orpheus in love with?

Orpheus' wife was Eurydice

What culture was Orpheus from?

Orpheus was from Greek mythology.

What is the birth name of Orpheus Roye?

Orpheus Roye's birth name is Orpheus Michael Roye.

Who is the writer of orpheus and eurydice?

The origin of the original ancient myth and its writer isn't known today.

Was Orpheus a demigod?

Orpheus was not a demigod but instead a musician.

What is the violin piece for Can Can?

The official name for the piece containing the familar tune known as "Can-Can" is called "Orpheus in the Underworld".

How tall is Orpheus Roye?

Orpheus Roye is 6' 4".

How tall is Orpheus Spiliotopoulos?

Orpheus Spiliotopoulos is 5' 11".

When was Orpheus in the Underworld created?

Orpheus in the Underworld was created in 1858.

What is the Roman name for orpheus?

Orpheus did not have a specifically Roman name.

Which constellation sHow is a possession that belonged to Orpheus?

Orpheus was about music and poetry - the Greeks named the constellation Lyra the Harp for Orpheus.

How much is a orpheus Guitar worth?

How much is my orpheus guitar worth)

What was Orpheus a god of?

Orpheus is not a god he is a mortal son of one of the Muses

What is the duration of Testament of Orpheus?

The duration of Testament of Orpheus is 1.33 hours.

Orpheus kills what pet in eurydice?

Eurydice was the wife of Orpheus.

What is the Greek god Orpheus music instrument?

The harp is Orpheus' instrument.

How many pages does Orpheus Emerged have?

Orpheus Emerged has 176 pages.

How many pages does Children of Orpheus have?

Children of Orpheus has 540 pages.

What is the duration of Black Orpheus?

The duration of Black Orpheus is 1.78 hours.

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