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What is Peyronies disease?

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Peyronie's disease, a condition of uncertain cause, is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the penis. The plaque develops on the upper or lower side of the penis in layers containing erectile tissue. It begins as a localized inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar.

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Peyronie's disease causes an uncommon sexual dysfunction that results in a bent penis during erection. The disease has hard, fibrous layer of scar tissue (plaque) that usually develops under the skin on the upper or lower side of the penis. When the penis is erect, the scar tissue pulls the affected area off at an angle, causing a curved penis and is noncancerous (benign).

Sometimes Peyronie's disease improves without treatment, so your doctor may initially recommend a wait-and-see approach. Other options for treatment of Peyronie's disease involve nonsurgical and surgical approaches.

Signs and symptoms

Painful erection A bend or curve in your penis during erection Inflammation under the skin of your penis that develops into hardened scar tissue A thick band of hard tissue on one or more sides of your penis Narrowing of the diameter of your penis during erection Impaired ability to obtain an erection (erectile dysfunction) Scar tissue that develops on the top of the penis will cause the penis to bend upward. Plaque on the underside of your penis will cause it to bend downward. More rarely, hardening may occur on both sides of the penis, causing indentation and shortening.

Peyronie's disease may decrease after a short period of time. However, the curvature may persist even if the pain subsides. In some men with a milder form of the disease, inflammation may improve without causing a lot of pain or permanent bending.

Causes can be from an injury to the penis, trauma or during intercourse may cause small tears in the tissue. It may also cause small blood vessels in the penis to rupture and bleed internally. Abnormal healing can result in the development of hard, thickened scar tissue (plaque) under the skin of the penis. A man's immune system may respond abnormally and cause plaque to form in the penis. Peyronie's disease isn't related to other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

Some medications may list Peyronie's disease as a possible side effect. Most of these drugs belong to a class of blood pressure and heart medications called beta blockers. These drugs are also used to treat glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and seizures. Developing Peyronie's disease as a side effect of these drugs is rare. Check with your doctor before discontinuing any prescribed drug.

Age. Aging may diminish penile elasticity, increasing the chance of injury and the development of Peyronie's disease. Heredity may be an important factor in determining who acquires Peyronie's disease, although it's not the only factor. Some men with Peyronie's disease experience hardened tissues in other areas of the body, such as the hands or the feet. A condition known as Dupuytren's contracture, which is a cord-like thickening across the palm that causes the fingers to pull inward, also may be associated with Peyronie's disease.

See your doctor if you're unable to have intercourse without bothersome pain or difficulty due to a bend or curve in your penis during erection. Treatment for Peyronie's disease often consists of methods that will help you remain sexually active. Don't be embarrassed! It can happen to a lot of men and the sooner you see your doctor the more chance you have of leading a normal sex life.

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Where can one find more information about Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies Disease is a disease caused by scar tissue, called plaque. One could get information about Peyronies Disease from the hospital or at some websites like mayoclinic.

Does peyronies disease make men infertile?

Not necessarily - but it can cause erectile dysfunction.

What are precautions to prevent peyronies disease transmitting to others ?

There does not appear to be any medical evidence that peyronies disease can be transmitted to others but can be as a result of damage. This can be caused by a sports injury or other damage to this part of the males anatomy. So it is not possible to transmit to others so no extra precautions need to be taken.

What causes peyronie s disease?

Peyronies disease is caused by the scar tissue of the private male part to bend. It can be very severe in some cases and rather disgusting depending on the severity of the disease.

What treatments are available for peyronies disease?

There are penile Injections available for Peyronies disease. If you are advised to take Penile Injections, then you may hav to inject multiple injections over several months. Local Anesthesia can also be administered to prevent the discomfort of experiencing pain. Penile Injections mainly come in the form of drugs such as:VerapamilInterferonCollagenaseHope this helps.

Does a vacuum pump help someone with peryonies disease?

The benefits options of using a vacuum pump for treating peyronies disease is used to improve sexual function they also are used to improve or stabilize the penis curvature in men that have this disease.

Is there a treatment for peyronies disease?

Yes there are several different treatments for peyronies disease, some of which can completely fix the curve of your penis. Common Peyronies treatments are:JelqingPenis ExtenderVitamin ESurgery1. Jelqing is a free and effective way to treat Peyronies disease. It is recommended however that you pay for a Jelqing DVD in order to learn the proper techniques as Jelqing can be counter-productive and dangerous. By performing manual exercises and massages you can over time bend the ligaments of your penis back to their original state.2. Using a penis extender is the most recommended treatment for Peyronie's Disease. Using a penis extender will give you the greatest results and it is more reliable than jelqing as well. It is pretty hard to make a mistake when using a penis extender which is why it is so reliable. This is the only clynically proven method for treating Peyronies Disease naturally.3. Vitamin E will not be able to cure Petyronies but it will sure help. Using Vitamin E in conjunction with jelqing or a penis extender is a very good idea. Peyronies is caused by hardened scar tissue and Vitamin E will help heal the scar tissue so that your penis can go back to normal again.4. Surgery is expensive and troublesome. I would recommend avoiding surgery if possible. Many doctors recommend a penis extender after coming out of surgery anyways, so it is foolish to go and spend this extra money. Just buy a penis extender right away and you will be happy you did so.Summary: Treating Peyronies Disease is relatively simple. If you have a bit of money to spend I would recommend buying a penis extender and vitamin E pills. If you are on a tight budget then do your research and start jelqing. Either way, vitamin E pills should be pretty affordable so try getting them. Don't get the surgery.

What is peroneys?

Peyronies is a condition in which the penis develops a pronounced curve when erect

Do men with Peyronie's disease cause sexual discomfort and or pain for females during intercourse?

I myself have Peyronies Disease wich is a terrible burdon in my life, when i have sex with my 5 different wives (im morman) i was told it was like i was using a fish hook NO LIE that's the worst part about it

What will happen if the penis is bent?

Most boys will have some sort of bend in the penis when it is erect so not normally something to worry about. If it is severely bent over then it could be Peyronies disease which can be debilitating for sex. In this circumstance you may need surgical intervention. See a doctor for a diagnosis.

Is there a medical procedure for individuals who have a penis which is not straight?

You may have Peyronies. Google for more info, but there seem to be treatment options you could explore.

How do you cure peyronies and can you be sexually active in spite of the disease?

The cause of this disease is unknown. If it does not cause painful erections that are so severe as to prevent intercourse, no treatment is recommended. There have been case that have spontaneously resolved over the course of several months. Surgical removal of the fibrosis and grafting with a patch may be successful or may make the symptoms worse. Local injections of high potency corticosteroids may help some people, but oral corticosteroids are of no benefit.

What should you do if you're 13 and your penis curves down at a 90-degree angle when erect?

i have never heard of that. i do think you should see a doctor I agree, see a doctor. There is a condition called Peyronie's disease which sounds similar although it is more common in older men. Have you ever fallen on it? Check out this website.

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