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I don't think he believes in either.

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Philip Pullman, author of the "His Dark Materials" series, has expressed critical views on organized religion, particularly the concept of Heaven and Hell. He views them as oppressive institutions that restrict individual freedom and autonomy. In his books, he explores themes of personal agency, questioning authority, and the power of knowledge and self-discovery.

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Q: What is Philip Pullman's view on Heaven and Hell?
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Did Augustine write that souls in heaven can view the souls suffering in hell?

It was St. Thomas Aquinas who said that those in heaven would look down on those in hell and be more glad for their suffering.

What is the christian view on life after death?

They are for it.

Is hell an eternal place and do the unsaved burn in hell forever?

Hell is a concept in the Christian and Islamic religions, but not in Judaism. For Christians and Muslims, the unsaved do burn in hell forever. Jews believe that they merely lose out from going to heaven. Another point of view is that neither heaven nor hell is real. Hell is therefore not an eternal place and there is no punishment in the afterlife.

Hindu view on reincarnation?

hindus reincarnate by commiting crime or leading a good life by going to hell or heaven

Is anyone burning in hell right now or not until after the judgment?

Hell is real and people go there for not accepting christ into their heart ANSWER Hell is not a place of burning unto destruction but instead a place of everlasting torment. You don't just cease to exist there.

How is it conceivable that the Love that made Heaven and Earth also made hell?

You really only have three choices:You must believe that God made heaven and hell - the Christian and Islamic views;You must believe that God made heaven but that hell does not really exist - the Judaic view;Neither heaven nor hell exists; they are just fairytales invented by religion - the atheist view.If the first of these choices seems inconceivable, then you are forced to consider each of the other alternatives.

Is there more people in hell or heaven?

Well nobody knows! Some people claim hell. But that is only because the view the world negativly! The only person who knows the answer to that question id God.

What is the difference between purgatory and hell?

That depends on what your view of hell is. If hell is the place of fiery torment, then you've come to the right place! Hell, it is believed by Catholics etc, is where you go if you've led a bad life - a place of eternal fiery torment. However, purgatory is like a crossroad between heaven and hell - a bit like a junction where you go when you die. Your good deeds and bad deeds are compared and it is "decided" whether you go to heaven or hell.

One of the core beliefs of Calvinism is the idea of predestination?

Yes! John Calvin was an ardent defender of a high view of God's sovereignty. By implication, he had a high view of predestination. By this view, God decides (i.e., foreordains) who will be saved (i.e., who will go to Heaven) and who will not be saved (i.e., who will go to Hell). It is implied that both Heaven and Hell were ultimate realities in the mind of John Calvin.

Why do you trust god?

It depends on what view you are taking. From a Christian's view of things it is all about faith, in the bible there are many people who have trusted god and prospered from it.Think about it, would you rather not believe in god and got to hell if their is one? Or would you either go to heaven or just die?

Do monkeys go to hell?

Assuming that there is a Heaven and a Hell, which all believers do, the following answer is Theologically correct from the Christian point of view. No, monkeys do not go to hell. The reason is that only humans have souls, and without souls monkeys can neither go to heaven nor hell. The position of the Catholic Church is that even if people evolved millions of years ago, the faithful are to believe that Adam and Eve were the first to have souls. There is a huge philosophical debate amongst Theologians about this because in the Bible, there are descriptions of animals that are found in Heaven, most notably in the book of Revelations. This has opened up a Theological "can of worms" so to speak, in that many faithful people have pets that they love dearly, and they are worried that their pets won't be in heaven with them. The correct Theological response to this question is that God will block certain memories from our minds when we are in Heaven, thus we will not miss our pets, nor will we miss any of our loved ones here on earth that do not make it into Heaven either. We will simply not know that the missing people ever existed.

Is it legal to view 666 heaven?