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Religion in the Philippines during Pre-Spanish Era pre- spanish era?


History of psychology in the Philippines?

Started in the Spanish ERA

Spanish political era in the Philippines?

It was HOPELESS for Filipinos

What are the sociocultural development in the Philippines during the spanish era?


What will you do during spanish period in Philippines and why?

The Spanish period in the Philippines lasted from 1521–1898. During this era, the Philippines was a colony of Spain. The influence of Spain during this era has carried over into modern day Philippines. There are many traditions which still exist that originated with the Spaniards.

What are the writing equipments during the Spanish era in the Philippines?

feather of animals

What do the KKK of Philippines do?

It's a revolutionary group that was formed to overthrow the Spanish government rule in the Philippines during that era.

What is the religion in the Philippines before the spanish arrived?

There were several religions in the Philippines before the spanish came in 1521, however, the predominant religion was Islam and the Philippines prior to spanish colonization was "Maharlika" or referred by the Europeans as "Muslim National Archipelago".

What is the name of the Philippines before the Spaniards came?

The Philippines had no official name before the Spanish came. The Philippines where separate island ruled by different tribes and it was actually the spanish who united them into one nation.

Where did the Philippines get its name?

The name Felipinas was given to the islands by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos, a Spanish explorer in 1543 to honor Prince Philip of Asturias , who later became Philip II, King of Spain. Felipinas later became the Filipinas during the Spanish colonial era. Then it became Philippine Islands during the American colonial era then the Republic of Philippines after its independence. There was no Philippines before the Spaniards came. The islands which now comprise the Philippines were separate states. It was during the Spanish regime that these islands were united to what is now called the Philippines.

What jobs did Jose Rizal do in the Spanish era in the Philippines?


What is the Spanish Philippines?

It was the Philippines as a Spanish Colony.

Who were the first aborigines of the Philippines before coming of the fourth colonizers?


What happened in the Philippines before Rizal was born?

Rizal was born during the Spanish period. The Philippines then was governed by Spain.

What country had control of Cuba and the Philippines before the US?

Both were Spanish Colonies.

Why did Philippine literature exist even before the Spaniards came?

People in the Philippines could actually think, speak and write before being colonized by the Spanish. In fact, the islands were called the Philippines only after the Spanish came.

What is the name of Philippines before spanish era?

The Philippines was not united as one country before the Spanish, and so the islands each had their own names. There were a lot of dialects between the loosely organized groups of indigenous peoples, and so probably each island had several names! I hope that helps, it's hard to find good information on the Philippines before Spanish influence. Partially because the Spanish didn't really care about the culture that existed when they got there and partially because although the Tagalogs had a writing system they wrote mostly on leaves and other perishable materials that did not last for us to study today. I hope that helps!

What was the religion of the Filipinos before the Spanish conquered the Philippines?

During pre-colonial times, a form of animism was widely practiced in the Philippines.

What was the relationship of the Philippines with neighboring countries before the Spanish period?

The Philippines had trade relations with such countries as China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Why was Philippines involved in the Spanish American War?

Because the Philippines were a Spanish Colony.

Who invented the kalesa?

It was invented by the Spanish then it was introduced to the Philippines when the Spanish colonized Philippines.

When did Spanish occupation of the Philippines end?

Spanish occupation of the Philippines ended in 1898.

When was Spanish occupation of the Philippines created?

Spanish occupation of the Philippines was created in 1521.

What was the religion of filipinos before the Spanish come to the Philippines?

Before the Spaniards the predominant religions in the Philippines were Hindu and Buddhist. Some parts of Mindanao were Muslim and parts of northern Luzon were Pagan.

What is Ang Fray Botod?

an article written by Graciano Lopez Jaena. It is about the friars abusive doings during the spanish era in the Philippines.