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What is Prince Michael?


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Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. I (Prince) Is his son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr II (Blanket) is his 3rd Kid and his son also. The child between them is Paris Katherine Michael Joseph Jackson


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Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (nicknamed blanket) are Michael Jackson's children

Prince Michael is not dating anybody. .

Michael Prince was born in 1963.

Prince Michael II's birth name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

no.prince is not relatd to Michael Jackson the singer "prince" is not related to Michael but Michael does have two boys named Prince!

Michael Jackson's three children - Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket)

Prince Michael and Prince Michael II aka Blanket.

Prince Michael II is 5'.

Prince Michael goes by Apple.

Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket).

Prince Michael I, Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) and Paris

Prince Michael Jackson is One of Michael's Sons

Michael Maurice Prince was born in 1984.

The SINGER Prince, who turned himself into a symbol, no. Prince Michael Joseph Jackson is Michael Jackson's son, yes.

Michael Jackson had three children; Prince Michael Paris Katherine Prince Michael II (Blanket)

The older "Prince" is actually Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, for some reason he goes by "Prince" Michael, unless Michael legally changed his name. "Blanket' is the only one with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson on his birth certificate, and Michael Jr. has "Prince" as just a nickname.

Yes Prince Michael (Michael Jackson's son) does have a cell phone

Prince, Michael Jackson was heavily in debt when he died.

Prince never wrote a song for Michael.

Prince Michael II goes by Blanket.

Prince Michael Jackson,Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. They were named Prince after Michael's grandfather (Katherine Jackson's father).

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