What is Reid vapour pressure?

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It is absolute vapor pressure exerted by a liquid at 100 °F. It is a measure of volatility. It is measured by ASTM-D-323 test method.

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Q: What is Reid vapour pressure?
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Related questions

What is the Reid vapour pressure of gasoline?

Reid vapor pressure (RVP) of gasoline is the vapor pressure at 100°F.

What is the diesel reid vapour pressure?

2 kpa

What is the meaning of REID in reid vapour pressure?

Reid is simply the name of the man who designed the test apparatus for measuring vapor pressure.

What is acceptable reid vapour pressure of condensate?

>68 KPa and <75 kPa at 100F (37.8C)

What is Reid Vapor Pressure?

Under the ASTM Method D 323 (Reid vapour pressure), it is the absolute vapour pressure exerted by a liquid at 100°F. The higher this value, the more volatile the sample and the more readily it will evaporate. Unlike distillation data, vapour pressure provides a single value that reflects the combined effect of the individual vapour pressure of the different petroleum fractions in accordance with their mole ratios. It is thus possible for two wholly different products to exhibit the same vapour pressure at the same temperature - provided the cumulative pressures exerted by the fractions are the same. A narrow-cut distillate, for example, may exhibit the same vapour pressure as that of a dumbbell blend, where the effect of heavy fractions is counterbalanced by that of the lighter ones. In conjunction with other volatility data. Reid vapour pressure plays a role in the prediction of gasoline performance.

Why the vapour pressure of ether is greater than the vapour pressure of water?

why the vapour pressure ether is more than water

Are the vapour pressure and total pressure same?

No, vapour pressure is only the water, total pressure is all components of the air

Difference between actual vapour pressure and saturated vapour pressure?

Vapour pressure is the amount pf pressure the water in the air exerts whereas the saturated vapour pressure is upper limit of how much water can be present in the air at a given temperature

What is the vapour pressure of gasoline?

Gasoline - Vapour Pressure (absolute): < 107 kPa @ 38 °C

Why does salt water boil at a lower temperature then tap water?

For the concept of vapour pressure and boiling. Vapour pressure of water is depend on temperature. At 100 oC, vapour pressure of water will be at the same as atmospheric pressure so it boil. Salt, is in solid state and virtually had no vapour pressure. Presence of salt mean the vapour pressure is diluted. For such solution to have vapour pressure of atmosphere, it require increase of Temperature from normal boiling point.

What is relative humidity and what is it relative to?

Relative humidiy is a measure of how much water vapour is in the air. It is the vapour pressure relative to the saturdated vapour pressure

Is equilibrium vapor pressure the pressure exerted by a constant number of gas molecules above a liquid or solid?

Equilibrium vapour pressure is the vapour pressure of a liquid at which the rate of evaporation become equal to rate of condensation i.e. at which an equilibrium is established between liquid phase and vapour phase.equilibrium vapour pressure is also known as saturated vapour pressure. It is temperature dependent.

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