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"Illuminating Visions Around The World"

Rosengod Education and Counseling Institute, Inc. is a Florida State incorporated institute. Also known as, Rosengod Education Institute, it is a State of Florida authorized educational institute.

Rosengod Education Institute was established to provide quality Academic Excellence, Certified Training and Competent/Effective Counseling. We are a "Global Reach" institution with a purpose to deliver high quality educational programs, counselor's certification training, counseling services and products to the world.

As an Extension of Cornerstone Christian University, the institute offers undergraduate, graduate, post graduate degrees, as well as high school diplomas and other specialty diplomas/certifications.

Our COLLEGE PROGRAM offers internet based Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.

Our HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA program offers a correspondence course for a high school diploma and a four year transcript

Our COUNSELING CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS offers the opportunity to become Certified Credit Counselors or Certified Financial Health Counselors. Advance opportunities are available for those interested in becoming Bankruptcy Counselors approved with the Federal Department of Justice.

Our COUNSELING SERVICES PROGRAM offers "one-to-one" telephone counseling services for:

Credit Repair

Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy Counseling (Approved by Department of Justice)

Homebuyer Education Counseling

Loss Mitigation Counseling

Foreclosure Counseling

Financial Health Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

HUD Counseling

Our GRANT WRITING SERVICES TEAM provides grant development/writing for non-profits and private corporations. The grant research/development/writing team is responsible for grant funding exceeding 250 million dollars.

Our WORKSHOP AND SEMINAR PROGRAMS are designed for individuals, youth, adults, non-profits and private corporations. Workshop curriculums include: Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, Customer Service, Credit, Grant Writing, Homebuyer Education, Life Coaching, Life Planning, Marketing, Building Community Capacity, Public Speaking, Youth Empowerment Series, Become A Home Inspector, Become A Wind Mitigation Inspector, Become A Credit Counselor, Become a Bankruptcy Counselor.

BLOSSOMING ROSE and KEN CLARKE are the founders of Rosengod Education Institute. Their background as Educators, Professional Trainers, Certified Counselor, Entrepreneurs, Developers, real estate Industry Inspectors and Director of numerous educational and counseling programs has enabled them to equip others to live a progressive, productive and positive lives.


Based on a forward thinking philosophy, Rosengod Education Institute transcends traditional disciplines offering education, counseling, seminars and business development. Our approach is a progressive inquiry into the essence of knowledge, creative transformation and practical demonstrations.

Ø We believe in providing quality education and services.

Ø We believe in providing quality education and services at reasonable and flexible prices.

Ø We believe in providing quality education and services that are intellectually stimulating and designed to student and customer needs.

Ø We believe in providing an astute technology environment that characterizes our commitment to future growth, development and research.

Ø We believe in the diversity of cultural discovery and providing non-denominational educational curriculums and programs.

Ø We believe in offering an impressive breath of leading postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate, high school diplomas, higher education university degrees and other certifications.

Ø We believe in the development of responsible citizens and ethnical business leaders which reflect our commitment to Knowledge, Compassion and Trust.

Ø We believe that of each one of us is called for a purpose that can be demonstrated in our life through a commitment to expanded knowledge, true character and spiritual development.

Ø We believe in transformation of our lives through dedication to character development and divine union.

Ø We believe in being a catalytic agent in helping others to creatively discover their full potential.


To Illuminate Visions Around The World


To provide academic excellence, certified training and competent/effective counseling to enable individuals to lead in creative discovery, and application of innovative/practical knowledge throughout their world, life and affairs.

Rosengod Education Institute:

Ø Provides access to a broad range of bachelor, master and doctorate programs

Ø Provides access to obtain a high school diploma with a four year transcript

Ø Provides access to a broad range of Christian certificate and diploma programs

Ø Provides access to Christian study curriculums designed for individual churches

Ø Integrates teaching and learning with emphasis on internet on-line learning.

Ø Fosters Christian university level courses that promote understanding

of global diversity and interfaith sustainability.

Ø Conducts training programs and certification of counselors

Ø Provides grant research/development/writing and business plan services

Ø Provides workshops, seminars and life coaching

Ø Provides "one-to-one" counseling services

Ø Provides credit restoration and bankruptcy counseling

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Q: What is Rosengod Education Institute?
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