What is SDTV?

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SDTV stands for Standard Definition Television. It refers to TV that isn't HDTV (High-Definition Television). In the US, SDTV is 525 line with NTSC color encoding or 480 lines if the signal is digital. The figure of 480 refers to the number of active lines that make up the image. Note that the analog signal with 525 lines has blank lines at the beginning and end of each image, so the active area is still around 480 lines, plus or minus a few lines. In Europe, SDTV is 625 line with PAL color encoding, or 576 lines if the signal is digital. As with the US signal, the number 576 refers to the number of active lines making up the image. Whether or not the signal is digital, the resolution is identical. Digital signals will be component or RGB based and don't use NTSC or PAL encoding. Component signals however still carry the same information as PAL or NTSC signals. Component, whether digital or analog will normally provide significantly better image quality than either PAL or NTSC analog signals. In comparison, HDTV resolution uses 720 lines or 1080 lines for the image, so providing more detail.

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Q: What is SDTV?
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Can PS3 work on sdtv?

Yes if it has A/V connections

How do you program a charter remote to work a Magnavox sdtv converter box.?

Need to know if it is possible to program a charter remote to Magnavox sdtv converter box

Bitrate for the transmission of a good quality SDTV in MPEG-4 compression?


Is sony wega sdtv an HDTV?

That will depend on the model number. a google search will probably give you an answer to your question.

Do HD channels show on SDTV?

Generally not. The signal is of a different type but you can get a set top box converter to downgrade the signal to SDTV levels. They're costly (Around $200, give or take) and you might just be better off using that money for a digital set.

For how many hours does the RCA DRC8052N DVR record?

The rCA DRC8052N DVR can hold about 30 hours of sdtv.

How do i get a signal from my sdtv?

i have suddenlink cable but i disconnect my cable from tv and know i cant program it back it picking up only pay view channels

Can I play American PS3 games with Australian PS3 console?

No you can not. It is not about the region. It is about the USA games being developed for the USA system of TVs. They are not compatible with the AUS TVs and are not compatible with AUS games so even if you use a USA TV you would not be able to go online. Australia and New Zealand SDTV Region is PAL and different from the USA SDTV region of NTSC and not the same as the DVD or Blu-Ray region codes. PS3s are actually different because of their special support for their country and SDTV region (NTSC or PAL and the games for those consoles must also have differences that prevent interchangability Yes you can. The PS3 is region-free, meaning you can play games from any region with a console from any region. However, DLC is region locked. So if you play American games, you have to use American DLC.

What is letter boxing used for?

Letter boxing is used to correct the aspect ratio of films when displaying widescreen video on an SDTV. In order to retain the films original aspect ratio, black bars must be placed at the top and bottom of the image.

How long was the US version of Survivor aired on TV?

The US version of Survivor originally aired in 2000 and is still being run today. They currently have 26 seasons and 369 episodes total. They changed from 480i to 1080i (SDTV to HDTV) in 2008.

Can you use a Blu-ray player with a SDTV?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

Can you connect your Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD to your standard regular tv?

That is not possible since HD-players use HDMI for connecting to the television. It wouldn't be very useful to connect HD-players to SDTV's, because that way the player has no advantage over a standard DVD player.

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