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SDTV stands for Standard Definition Television. It refers to TV that isn't HDTV (High-Definition Television). In the US, SDTV is 525 line with NTSC color encoding or 480 lines if the signal is digital. The figure of 480 refers to the number of active lines that make up the image. Note that the analog signal with 525 lines has blank lines at the beginning and end of each image, so the active area is still around 480 lines, plus or minus a few lines. In Europe, SDTV is 625 line with PAL color encoding, or 576 lines if the signal is digital. As with the US signal, the number 576 refers to the number of active lines making up the image. Whether or not the signal is digital, the resolution is identical. Digital signals will be component or RGB based and don't use NTSC or PAL encoding. Component signals however still carry the same information as PAL or NTSC signals. Component, whether digital or analog will normally provide significantly better image quality than either PAL or NTSC analog signals. In comparison, HDTV resolution uses 720 lines or 1080 lines for the image, so providing more detail.

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Q: What is SDTV?
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How do you program a charter remote to work a Magnavox sdtv converter box.?

Need to know if it is possible to program a charter remote to Magnavox sdtv converter box

Can PS3 work on sdtv?

Yes if it has A/V connections

Bitrate for the transmission of a good quality SDTV in MPEG-4 compression?


Do HD channels show on SDTV?

Generally not. The signal is of a different type but you can get a set top box converter to downgrade the signal to SDTV levels. They're costly (Around $200, give or take) and you might just be better off using that money for a digital set.

Is sony wega sdtv an HDTV?

That will depend on the model number. a google search will probably give you an answer to your question.

For how many hours does the RCA DRC8052N DVR record?

The rCA DRC8052N DVR can hold about 30 hours of sdtv.

How do i get a signal from my sdtv?

i have suddenlink cable but i disconnect my cable from tv and know i cant program it back it picking up only pay view channels

Can I play American PS3 games with Australian PS3 console?

No you can not. It is not about the region. It is about the USA games being developed for the USA system of TVs. They are not compatible with the AUS TVs and are not compatible with AUS games so even if you use a USA TV you would not be able to go online. Australia and New Zealand SDTV Region is PAL and different from the USA SDTV region of NTSC and not the same as the DVD or Blu-Ray region codes. PS3s are actually different because of their special support for their country and SDTV region (NTSC or PAL and the games for those consoles must also have differences that prevent interchangability Yes you can. The PS3 is region-free, meaning you can play games from any region with a console from any region. However, DLC is region locked. So if you play American games, you have to use American DLC.

What is the differences between SDTV and HDTV?

A standard definition TV is only has 480 horizontal line going down the screen. A HDTV has 1,080 lines going down the screen. So on the HDTV the picture quality is better.

Can you record video on to a CD-r?

Yes, my DVD Recorder also records CD-R, though not CD-RW. The Problem is that CDs are only 650-700MB and my disc only hold 15 minutes of SDTV video.

What is letter boxing used for?

Letter boxing is used to correct the aspect ratio of films when displaying widescreen video on an SDTV. In order to retain the films original aspect ratio, black bars must be placed at the top and bottom of the image.

Can you use a Blu-ray player with a SDTV?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

What is the difference between NTSC and HDTV?

NTSC was an older analog standard. The new standard is ATSC.HDTV's have the ability to display a broadcast resolution of 1080i/720p which can be achieved using the ATSC tuner that is built into most HDTV's. SDTV was the old standard displaying a broadcast resolution of upto 480i.

How can you get TV service without cable?

It depends.... 1. Buy an digital tv (Sdtv or Hdtv) plus an antenna. 2. Analog tv (if you have an older tv), buy a digital to analog converter box plus an antenna. 3. Analog tv and antenna connected to digital DVD or digital VCR.

What is the best TV to buy?

There are lots of good televisions out there. Your two basic choices aee SDTV (standard definition television) and HDTV (High Definition television). SDTVs are fairly straightforward and you don't really have to consider a whole lot, just input types and size. HDTV on the other hand can be a bit confusing, but there are guides out there that can get you started. CNET HDTV Buying Guide: Howstuffworks TV Buying Guide:

Can region 1 PS3 games play on region 2 PS3?

There are no regions for ps3 games..? You buy a ps3 game in America, it should work on a ps3 in Britain. When it comes to bluray movies though, they are region locked. This is false because while right about the regions there are other factors and the PS3 USA games have been designed for a different television system and will not work in the UK's PAL TV System This is also why the PS3s are different for the different areas and the model numbers help to tell them apart USA model numbers end in 01 which covers North America The first North American PS3 was released there Nov 17, 2006 and the model number was CECHA01 SDTV region is NTSC Blu-ray Region is A DVD Region is 1 NTSC PS2 Region is NTSC-U/C and the PS1 Region is NTSC-US 03 is U.K. / Ireland and the first PS3 was released there on Mar 23, 2007 with model number of CECHC03. SDTV Region is PAL, Blu-ray Region is B, DVD Region is 2, PAL PS2 Region is PAL, & PS1 Region is PAL.

Has the ps3 got better graphics than Nintendo wii?

Yes the ps3 has better graphics because the games for ps3 are made in hd on blu Ray disc and has a max resolution of 720p on most games and 1080p on a few games the Wii was made for Sdtv tv's and is not hd capable only 480p EDTV . But saying that Nintendo has made the Wii u can which is capable of playing 1080p games and has slightly better graphics than ps3 because it is an eighth generation console and the ps3 is a seventh generation and is 7 years old .

Is the HD DVD player compatible with a regular tv?

HD DVDThey might work, but you'd be wasting your time. HDTV today is all about one thing: resolution. SDTVs (the ones most watched today, referring to CRT TVs) are only capable of 480i resolution, period. A hi-def DVD may play on it if the player can output 480i resolution (most likely not though). Most HD players output 720p and 1080i/p resolutions. In other words, a regular DVD player will look exactly the same (given cable type of course, composite, s-video, or component) as an HD DVD player on a standard, nonHD television. Added by yubslide:I just bought an HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 the other day. I have a standard def television (480i) with component capabilities. (this allows for 480p resolution, which is known as EDTV or Enhanced Definition TV) In standard definition or SDTV mode, there isn't much difference from regular DVD's EXCEPT the fact that the black level is improved and the color and effects run smoother. However, when I view the HD DVD's from EDTV, the change was fantastic. The picture is clearer, the colors much more defined and the separation of objects and characters in the movie is amazing (for example, in King Kong, you can see the individual plants and their color is the true color, like you're actually there. In SDTV mode, the jungle looks more like a green mass with squiggly lines through it. So to jump to the conclusion of whether it works on an SDTV or not: yes. The only advantage, which is a very verysmall one I might add, is that you can access your menu while the movie is playing. Like I said, very small. So if you are just dying to get an HD DVD player, shoot for the HDTV, or if you are on an extremely low budget like me and saving money for something big is way too hard for you, atleast get an EDTV before you get an HD DVD player.

When you set the tv to get stations fron an analog receiver all you get is snow on the tv why?

As of June of 2008, Congress passed approval for the digital tv transition. The purpose of this was to free analog signals currently used for television stations for emergency vehicles, like police and ambulances to be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently during an emergency. You can still view television shows by doing one of the following: 1. Purchase a digital television (either standard or high definition SDTV or HDTV) and connect your antenna to that. 2. Purchase a digital to analog converter box and connect that to your analog tv and antenna. 3. Get cable or satellite service.

Will ps3 game from Australia work in new zealand?

yes because ps3 has no region locked blue ray disc games. you can play any games on any ps3 platform with any of these regions without hassles (R1, R2, R3 or R4). The problems with the games come from PAL versus NTSC, but both Australia and New Zealand are in 4 PAL DVD region. While PS3 Blue Ray games are not region locked they still can not play Blue Ray Region A (NTSC) in Region B (PAL) because of the SDTV Region of PAL and NTSC and the different TV systems

HDTV is great, but there are always disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is not all cable outlets may have HD to buy as a servie and for those that do� it's an extra fee so it could get expensive. Those that do carry HD are not getting the full experience that they could. Most cable companies are more concerned with squeezing the most channels in as possible per the bandwidth they are given so HD takes a hit in that is can not use its full capability bandwidth to give its full potential. You need to buy special cables for HD to work through cable/Tv. These are significantly more expensive then SDTV cables. Basically the black and white conclusion is your are not guaranteed the premeire picture that you are paying extra for.

What is multicasting?

There are three possible ways of data communication among computers: 1) broadcasting - ONE computer to ALL computers 2) unicasting - ONE computer to ONE computer 3) multicasting - ONE computer to A GROUP of computeres as we discuss above that multicast means their is a group in a company and we have to send a mail to a particular group then we use a multicast network ... and another example of multicast is ,In digital television broadcasting, to send multiple standard TV (SDTV) programs in the allotted bandwidth, rather than one high-definition TV (HDTV) program.

Does the ps3 with games that only support 720p look better on an sdtv or and old HDTV that only supports 1080i resolution?

PS3 looks better with the best HDTV and Connection available, but will look better on a HDTV with only the provided A/V 480i standard connection because it is a better TV. Quit even noticing what the games resolution is. On my PS3 with a HDMI connection and a HDTV 1080P the DVDs are upgraded and if the games are the not also upgraded they might soon be. Just like all PS3 have the upgrades available to play 3D. Your PS3 games will actually all look better (not just 3D games) if you were to connect the new PS3 3D display available in November 2011 or Upgrade to even any LED LCD 1080p HDTV .

Can you still extend windows media center without an extender?

Not exactly. If you have a PC with Windows Vista Media Center (VMC) installed on it--let's call this PC1--you may set PC1's "Recorded TV" directory as a shared folder for the second PC's (PC2's) local Recorded TV directory. In this instance, you could watch and play back recorded HDTV or SDTV from PC2. By setting sharing and permissions on content directories on PC1, you could also set the same media access points on PC2. That said, if PC2 is being used as an 'extender', you should be aware that it cannot stream Live TV from PC1. PC2 cannot access any of PC1 VMC's services or features; it can really only look at the same directories and playback from there.

What is the difference between a ps2 and PS3?

PS2 used DVD format; the PS3 used Blu-ray formatPS2 had Dolby Digital 5.1 sound; the PS3 has lossless 7.1 channelPS2 had SDTV display; the PS3 has HDTV displayPS2 had optional harddrive; the PS3 has mandatory harddrive up to 320 GBPS2 had optional wired (10/100Base-T) internet connection the PS3 has internet connection built-in (wired 1000BASE-T and wireless 802.11b/g)PS2 had vibrating wired controllers; the PS3 has wireless, vibrating, motion-sensing controllers and also the new Move controllersPS3 can Browse Internet Download netflix and other 3rd party featuresPS3 has Playstation Store , Playstation Home 3D capability and the ability to add features with software updates for even the earlier models