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As per the Patron Saint Index, Zoe is not a patron saint.

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She has no patronages. Legend has it that she was hung by her hair and roasted to death.

Saint Zoe of Rome lived in Rome.

I can find no specific patron saint of life.There is no patron saint of life. However, life and ecology and the environment are interrelated and there are patrons: St. Francis of Assisi and Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha.I believe there is more than one patron saint of life. The one I am sure is one of them is saint Zoe.

Yes, Zoe is a Catholic saint's name

No. However, there are two saints named Zoe. Both are from ancient Roman times and both were martyrs: Zoe of Pamphylia and Zoe of Rome.

Saint Zoe of Rome (d. ca. 286) was a noblewoman, married to Nicostratus, a high Roman court official. She lived during Emperor Diocletian's early persecution of the Christian Church. She was greatly devoted to St Peter, and was praying by his tomb when she was arrested for her faith, and was martyred by hanging from a tree by her hair while being burnt to death by a fire.

Zoe of Rome died in 286.

Yes ,St .Zoe of Rome did have kids she had 2 kids name Roes and Maria.

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