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What is Scottish Gaelic for granddaughter and grandson?

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In Scottish Gaelic 'grand-daughter' is ban-ogha and 'grandson' is mic-mac.

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Scottish Gaelic: ban-ogha Irish Gaelic: gariníon

mic-mac is 'grandson'.mac-mic

In Irish it's "garmhac".ANOTHER ANSWERUa is also Irish Gaelic for Grandson. It's the origin of the Ó on Irish surnames.In Scottish Gaelic ....

Scottish Gaelic: mac-mic or fear-oghaIrish (Gaelic): ua or garmhac

In Scottish Gaelic: BeathagIn Scottish Gaelic: Beathag

garinion (with a fada on the second 'i')

(mór) is scottish Gaelic for big and (piuthar) is scottish Gaelic for sister.

Grandchild is ogha.Endearments for grandson are stoban or bìodanandgrand-daughter are bìodag and stobag.

No. He has a granddaughter.

in Scottish Gaelic: facal.

It is mac in Scottish Gaelic.

It is òran in Scottish Gaelic.

It's Scottish, but not Scottish Gaelic. Originally a Scots variant of Margaret.(Margaret is Mairead in Scottish Gaelic.)

Granddaughter: (Hafeeda) = حفيدة Grandson: (Hafeed) = حفيد

Their great grandchildren are; London Blue (Rebbie's granddaughter) Royalty and DeeDee (Tito's grandson and granddaughter) Noah and Sophia (Marlon's grandson and granddaughter)

In Scottish Gaelic: Albannach In Irish Gaelic: Albanach

nighean [neeun] in Scottish Gaelic.

"Acceptance in Scottish Gaelic."

The Scottish Gaelic for Scorpio is An Sgairp.

'Brown' is donn in Scottish Gaelic.

It is written Lùcas in Scottish Gaelic.

ùr is the Scottish Gaelic for 'new'.

The Scottish Gaelic is do charaid.

Scottish Gaelic for cloud is neul.

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