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Social Darwinism is a quasi-philosophical, quasi-sociological view that came from the mind of Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher in the 19th century. It did not achieve wide acceptance in England or Europe, but flourished in this country, as is true of many ideologies, religions, and philosophies. A good summary of Social Darwinism is by Johnson: In these years, when Darwin's Origin of Species, popularized by Herbert Spencer as "the survival of the fittest, " and applied to races as well as species in a vulgarized form, Social Darwinism, the coming Christian triumph was presented as an Anglo-Saxon Protestant one. Social Darwinism is by no means dead, for vestiges of it can be found in the present. ___________________________________________________________________ For a very biased, highly ideological view see: basically racism, It was used in the imperialistic ages to rationalize taking over other countries. "Survival of the Fittest" This phrase was made up by Herbert Spencer. Social Darwinism is an evolved form of Darwinism, a concept made up by Charles Darwin. == Social Darwinism was not the unified, monolithic theory that many seem to suppose. The versions espoused by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) and Francis Galton (1822-1911) tried to identify the conditions necessary for the "survival of the fittest" in society as well as nature. They were aware that conditions in society are not, and cannot be, the same as in the "state of nature". Obviously, the last thing they wanted was fighting between the brawny lower orders and middle-class intellectuals like themselves. In society, "fitness" consists above all in intelligence and hard work (not brute physical fitness). It is no coincidence that Francis Galton played a pioneering role in developing the psychometric intelligence theory. The theory was popular among some because it seemed to provide a biological case for laissez faire capitalism, minimal welfare and low taxes. In some versions of Social Darwinism it was claimed the advanced technological achievements of parts of Europe and of North America demonstrated "racial superiority". In Europe, Social Darwinism was generally pessimistic, but in the U.S. it was seen as underpinning belief in the boundless potential of progress. Note that some historians believe that the role of Herbert Spencer in the development of Social Darwinism has been greatly exaggerated. In particular, Spencer tended towards versions of evolutionary theory that stressed mankind's adaptability rather than natural selection. Please see the link to the Wikipedia article on him, especially the section on evolution. Neither Herbert Spencer nor Francis Galton advocated social engineering, let alone biological engineering. Moreover, Charles Darwin himself urged against Social Darwinism. Eugenics - or selective human breeding - goes significantly beyond Social Darwinism.

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Q: What is Social Darwinism?
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What did social darwinism discourage-?

Social Darwinism discouraged government regulation. The ideas associated with social Darwinism emerged in the 1870s.

When was the term Social Darwinism popularized?

Social Darwinism was popularized back in 1944. Social Darwinism tries to apply Darwinism of evolution to politics and sociology. It is most popularly used in the UK and United states.

What are the ideas of Darwinism and how do they relate to Social Darwinism?

it helps solve social, political, and ecumenical issues. :)

Define freedom in the Gilded age via Social Darwinism and labor contract?

Social Darwinism lead to racism

Did The Progressive believe in Social Darwinism?

No, the Progressive reformers did not believe in Social Darwinism. They believed that its competition and conflict were both detrimental to their society.

What philosophy did Americans use for social progress?

Social Darwinism :)

How can you use the words social Darwinism in a sentence?

An example of social darwinism is when Spain was beating up on Cuba before the Spanish-American war.

Why were Americans drawn to Social Darwinism?

There are many reasons why Americans would be drawn to Social Darwinism. These Americans could be intrigued by the concepts it presents.

What did social darwinism discourage?

Social Darwinism (the process of allowing those least capable to die off) discourages government regulation, such as the provision of welfare and indigent health care.Social Darwinism discouraged Government Regulation of businesses. Social Darwinism encouraged competition, hard work, industrialization, and accumulation of wealth. Darwin explained this as a concept of natural selection of the businesses, or survival of the fittest.Social Darwinism discouraged Government Regulation of businesses. Social Darwinism encouraged competition, hard work, industrialization, and accumulation of wealth. Darwin explained this as a concept of natural selection of the businesses, or survival of the fittest.

What class had the most social value in social darwinism?

The wealthy (novanet)

What did Social Darwinism justify?

Imperialism, eugenics.

Is social darwinism survival of the fittest?

Yes it is! :)

What year did Social Darwinism start?


Who was social darwinism invented by?

Charles Darwin.

How did social darwinism lead into imperialism?


Who began social Darwinism?

Charlie Brown

Who owned a large steel company was a prime example of Social Darwinism?

Andrew Carnegie was the owner of a large steel company was an example of Social Darwinism.

How did social Darwinism effect on imperialism?

Social Darwinism justified that women had more balls than men at the time, and still can possibly do. Hope it helped:)

Who does social Darwinism help the most?

The concept of Social Darwinism favors and is often favored by the aristocracy, or the rich and elite. Social Darwinism states that affluent people are well off is because they are better or more evolved and smarter than the economically disadvantaged population.

Dangers of Social Darwinism?

The danger of Social Darwinism is that many might accept this as a true scientific principle, when it is not. Social Darwinism is a deliberate distortion of Charles Darwin's theory of the evolution of the species, that applies the principles to human beings in a way that justifies racism and imperialism.

What is social drawinisim belif?

Social Darwinism explains the social effects of racism, capitalism and imperialism.

Why was social Darwinism important?

Social Darwinism refers to various ideologies based on a concept of competition among all individuals, groups, nations, or ideas drives social evolution in human societies.

What class did the theory of social darwinism say had the most social value?

The wealthy

What social group would have liked the idea of social Darwinism?

Business Leaders

What was Dale Carnegie's Quote on Social Darwinism?