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A solid abrasive material is a mineral which can wear away part of another solid by rubbing. A common solid abrasive is diamond.

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Give you a sentence for abrasive?

The abrasive material scarred the exposed skin.

What is an abrasive mineral?

Abrasive minerals can either be natural or synthetic. An example of an abrasive material is quartz because it is hard, sharp and tough.

What is the smell made by a steel abrasive saw?

The smell of metal burning as you cut it with an abrasive material.

Sentence with abrasive?

Sandpaper is a very abraisive material.

Is steel wool considered an abrasive?

Steel wool is considered an abrasive yes.It is an abrasive material composed of long steel fibersof varying degrees of fitness that are matted together.-Shakira

Does toothpaste contain material from rocks?

It can. Some of the abrasive material might come from finely powdered rock, as can the flourine.

What word describes how a material feels to the touch?

Depending upon the material, it is generally either smooth and silky, or rough and abrasive.

What is used for alumina?

Alumina is the raw material for aluminium; also alumina is largely used as a refractory material, abrasive etc.

A solid material with no crystal structure?

A solid material with no crystal structure is called amorphous.

When dissolving household cleaner in half a glass of water how can you see how much solid abrasive material is present?

I had this for a sciencebadge once.... I think it is the stuff that is floating ontop of the water. Although i wouldn't rely on that for a final answer. Hope that helps! :)

Can waterjet abrasive be recycled?

Depending on what material is cut - YES it can be recycled and has been being recycled successfully in shops for 10 years. WARDJet is the only company that makes a recycler (several companies have abrasive removal systems - which is also a part of this recycling process). And NO - the cutting quality of the abrasive is not affected (if you start off with good abrasive). Companies are saving up to 65% of the abrasive they use once they start to recycle and re-use this abrasive in their cutting.

Hardest manmade material?

The hardest manmade material is synthetic diamonds. They are created in a laboratory and not formed underground. It was used as an industrial abrasive because of its hardness.

What is meant by rock material?

Rock material is any material that a geologist would call LITHIFIED. That is the material is solid and has been compacted or heated sufficiently to form a solid block of material.

Is zirconium the industry standard for grinding on stainless steel?

Zirconium dioxide is a very important abrasive material.

What is an organic bond?

An abrasive bonding material that contains carbon. Organic bonds tend to soften with heating.

What is the difference between a crystalline and an amorphous solid material?

it is because a crystalline is the solid material and an amorphous is the same

A flammable solid is classified as what class of hazardous material?

A hazardous material that is a flammable solid is classified in Division 4.1

What is sponge is it solid liquid or gas?

Sponge is a solid material.

Is cotton cloth a solid liquid or gas?

It is a solid material.

What material has a definite volume and a definite shape?

A solid material.

Which formation is made of material that is frozen to the bottom of the glacier and carried along acting as abrasive elements?

ground moraines

What moraines are abrasive elements carried bottom of a frozen glacier?

Ground Moraines are abrasive elements that are carried in the bottom of a frozen glacier. Lateral Moraines are unsorted material deposited along the side of a valley glacier.

How do you say 'abrasive' in french?

abrasif (masc.), abrasive (fem.)

Once solid material is phagocytized and taken into a vacuole what takes place?

The vacuole then fuses with a lysosome, where the solid material is then degraded.

What is the density of solid material with 24g of mass and 4.8 cm3 of volumes?

The solid material has a density of 5 g/cm3

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