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I think it is the chrone but i am not for sure.

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What is Spain's famous animal?

Spain is famous for bullfights.

What is Spain most famous animal?


What is antonio gaudi famous animal sculpture in Barcelona Spain?


What creature inspired Antonio Gaudi's famous animal sculpture in Barcelona Spain?


Who are famous painters from Spain?

Picasso was from Spain and he is very Famous.

Is tennis famous in Spain?

tennis is not a famous sport in Spain It is popular.

What are the most famous sports in Spain?

The most famous sport in Spain is football!

What is the national animal of Spain?

The national animal of Spain is the bull. It symbolizes power and immortality.

What's the national animal of Spain?

The national animal of Spain is the bull, symbolizing power.

Is Spain famous for its wine?

Yes there are many famous wines that come from Spain, the most famous is probably Rioja

What famous person did vespcci meet when he moved to Spain?

the famous person that vespcci met when he moved to spain was the king of spain

Two famous people of Spain?

Two examples of famous people in Spain are Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, and Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain.

What is Tenerife now famous for?

it is famous for Spain

who are the famous people from Spain and why are they famous?

yes there is

Is there a famous river in Spain?

There are several famous river in Spain including the Tajo, Ebro, and Guadalquivir.

A famous football team in Spain?

There are many famous teams in Spain, they are Barcelona, RealMadrid and Valencias.

Does Spain have a famous river?

Not really famous, but here's a great article on the many rivers that Spain has!

What are the most famous countries in Spain?

Spain is a country.

What is the biggest native animal in Spain?

The largest land animal in Spain is the brown bear. Once, there used to be bison in Spain that were bigger but they are extinct now.

What famous people live in Spain?

One famous that lives in Spain is the wrestler Kane. Two other famous people who live in Spain include Enrique Iglesias and Penelope Cruz.

What are some famous mountain ranges of Spain?

The Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevadas are two famous ranges in Spain.

Where are three famous tourist attractions in Spain?

Spain is famous for Prado Museum, the Alhambra, and their many beaches.

Why is Bilbao famous?

Bilbao is famous for the Guggenheim in Spain.

What is a famous animal scientist?

A famous animal scientist is someone who studies animal behavior in their environment.

What is the name of the famous Moorish palace in Granada Spain?

The famous Moorish palace in Granada, Spain is called the Alhambra.

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