What is Spin motion of electrons?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Spin is normally the fact that something spins on its axis. Elementary particles, such as electrons, have an inherent property called "spin". It is some property they have, but they can't really be considered to spin in a classical sense, since they are usually believed to be point-particles. Confusingly, it DOES carry angular momentum, so it does have some of the properties of classical spin. It's best to think of this type of spin as an "intrinsic property of certain particles".

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Q: What is Spin motion of electrons?
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What are the two types of motion that the electrons of an atom exhibit?

Electron spin and Electron revolution

Spin causes electrons to?

Spin causes electrons to exhibit magnetism.

Why spin motion is important for satellite?

Spin motion establishes a direction for the satellite to point to and stabilizes the satellite.

How does a turbine pump electrons around a circuit?

A turbine is often used to spin the rotor of a generator. The generator converts this kinetic (energy of motion) energy into electric energy. A turbine does not directly push electrons around.

What is spin up electrons?

The exact opposite of a spin down electron.

What is the motion of the spin of the earth?


How does a moons motion compare to a planets motion?

They both spin on an axis.

How does a moon's motion compare to a planet's motion?

They both spin on an axis.

Why 2 electrons in an orbital spin?

one is spin up one is spin down, there are no other possibilities.

Is all electrons are alike?

If all electrons were at rest, they would still have a directional spin. However, there are only two ways an electron can spin (up or down) and so there would only be two types of electrons. However, if we focus on the property of spin itself instead of the direction, all electrons are the same. Electrons have a spin magnitude of 1/2, and this is a property that will never change.

Maximum number of electrons in the 5s orbital?

2. Two electrons of opposite spin. This is true of all s, p, d, f g.... orbitals, eah can only contain two electrons of opposite spin.

Two electrons in the same orbital must have opposite spins is a statement of the?

Electrons have spin of a 1/2. These make electrons fermions. According to Pauli's exclusion principle, no more than one fermion can have the same spin in the same space. So, the electrons occupying the same space must have opposite spin (and so, only two electrons can occupy the same orbital as a result of this, as three electrons will results in two electrons having the same spin state).