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Anthony and Cleopatra

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What was Cleopatra's title in Egypt?

she was the queen.

What title is given to the queen of Egypt?

In Ancient Egypt, both males and females took the title of PHARAOH.

Was Cleopatra the vii queen of the Niles?

Yes and no. Cleopatra VII was actually the queen of Egypt. The title "Queen of the Nile" was given to her by court flatterers and later historians.

Which play's title is the name of Queen Elizabeth's father?

The play that is named after Queen Elizabeth's father is Henry VIII. The play was written by William Shakespeare in 1612.

Did Shakespeare name his sonnets?

Shakespeare did not title his sonnets.

When was Nefertiti crowned queen?

Nefertiti was born around 1370 BC and was the Queen consort of Egypt. The date she became Queen consort is not known, but she held the title until her death in 1330 BC.

Who wrote queen mab?

Queen Mab is the Queen of the fairies in a long speech delived by Mercutio in the play Romeo and Juliet. There may also be other works which have the name of this fairy as a title. But if you are thinking of the speech, it was written by William Shakespeare.

What title does a queen consort hold if the death of the king occurs?

The Queen Consort may hold the title of Dowager Queen. In some states, if the Queen Consort's child becomes the monarch, the Queen may take a title such as 'Queen Mother'.

Who wrote the Shakespeare title?

The book known as "An Impartial Study of the Shakespeare Title" is an anti-Stratfordian work by John H. Stotsenburg, written in 1904.

What was the official title of Queen Elizabeth I?

Queen of England and Queen of Ireland.

In ancient egypt What does a Great Chief Wife mean?

There was no such title in ancient Egypt - you are thinking of "King's Great Wife", which can simply mean a queen but often refers to the favourite, first or foremost of a pharaoh's many wives. Another title used by the principal wife was "Mistress of the Two lands".

What is Queen Elizabeth Title?

queen elizabeth II

How did Queen Elizabeth get her title?

She inherited the title from her father.

What genre is William Shakespeare and the globe why?

"William Shakespeare and the Globe" sounds like the title of an essay.

Which word is used twice in the title of a Shakespeare play?

"Measure" in the title "Measure for Measure"

Who was the British queen who took the title of Empress of India?

Queen Victoria took the title of being empress of India.

Why is the pharaoh the king of Egypt?

Because the title of 'King' in Egypt was 'Pharaoh'.

What is the title used by the rulers and Egypt?

The rulers of Egypt were called pharaohs.

What was Cleopatra's title?

She was a pharaoh of Egypt.

What is a more important title for girls homecoming queen or prom queen?

prom queen

Why is Queen Elizabeth's husband just a prince and not king?

Because the title 'King' outranks the title of 'Queen'. Elizabeth is Queen Regnant, meaning she is not Queen through marriage etc... but Queen in her own right. Phillip is not a King in his own right, and therefore he is given the lesser title of 'Prince Consort'.

The title used by the rulers of Egypt?

The King or Ruler of Egypt were called as Pharos

What Shakespeare play was titled Or What You Will?

Shakespeare gave alternate titles to many of his plays. Twelfth Night had the alternate title What You Will.

What was Queen Victoria's official title?

what is the official name of Queen Victoria

What was queen elizebeth2 mother title when her husband was king?

Queen mary

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