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What is Thomas Edison most famous for?

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The man who invent the light bulb

Thomas Edison did not just invent the electric light bulb he also invented the, phonograph and the motion picture camera.

He also spent a long time on the electric light bulb because he kept on failing and failing but finally he got it right!

Thomas Edison loved inventing objects and things, like all scientists

Thomas Edison carried on inventing things after that!

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Who is the most famous inventer?

Thomas A. Edison

What is Thomas Edison famous for?

Thomas Eddison is most famous for his invention of the incondescent lightbulb.

What year did Thomas Edison get famous?

Thomas Edison came famous in 1988

What was thomas Edison most famous inventions?


Who is the most famous guy in the world?

The most famous guy in the world is Thomas Edison

Is Thomas Edison a famous black person?

No. Thomas Edison was a famous inventor, and he was white.

Who was famous from 1860 to 1880?

Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison

How Thomas Edison was fames?

He was most famous for inventing the lightbulb.

What is Thomas Edison most famous for inventing?

Light bulb

Who was the most famous inventor?

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb

What was the most famous invention that thomas Edison made?

I believe it was the lightbulb.

What did Thomas Edison did that make him important?

The electric lightbulb is Thomas Edison's most famous invention.

Why is Thomas Edison a famous scientist?

Thomas Edison was famous because he invented things that scientist already invented.

How is Thomas Edison famous?

he was famous for his invetions.

Where and how did Thomas Edison become famous?

Thomas Edison became famous because he invented a practical, portable light bulb.

Who is the most famous businessman?

Thomas Edison, founder of GE and prolific inventor

Which is the most famous invention of Thomas Alva Edison?

it's the light bulb

What did Thomas Edson invent?

thomas Edison was known for many things but most famous the light bulb

How did Thomas Edison become famous?

Thomas Edison became famous for inventing useful inventions. He got famous by inventing the first lightbulb in history.

What are Thomas Edison accomplishments?

Thomas Edison is most famous for inventing the electric light. His experiments also led to the development of the phonograph record and motion pictures.

Who is a famous electrical engineer?

Nikola Tesla is probably the greatest. The most famous is probably Thomas Edison.

What was happening in history when Thomas Edison was famous?

thomas Edison was an inventoe so inventions were happening

Where did Thomas Edison live most of the time?

were did thomas Edison live

What are the two most famous inventions Thomas Edison Invented?

the lightbulb and the pooper scooper

Who is Thomas Edison and what did he invented and when?

The light bulb and the Phonograph are the two most famous ones.