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What is Thrush in horses?

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Thrush is the lay term for a rotting infection of the frog, which is the spongy triangle-shapedportion of the underside of the hoof. It is often caused by poor hoof care compounded with stabling in wet, muddy environments. Treatment consists of cleaning out the bulk of the foul-smelling exudate and keeping the hoof surface clean and dry - simple exposure to oxygen tends to kill the causative organisms. Therapy can be hastened with application of any astringent (vinegar, dilute bleach, a commercial thrush treatment, etc) to the surface of the hoof twice daily until the exudate resolves.

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What is a thrush on Howrse?

Thrush is a fungal disease horses can get in their foot.

What is the cure for thrush?

I think you should try thrush x if your talking about horses.

Whats the best way to cure thrush in horses?

The best way to cure thrush in horses is by keeping the horses hooves cleaned and professionally trimmed. The horse must be stalled in a clean and dry area and the thrush treated with a water-based thrush product like Thrush-X . Oil based products should not be used.

What disease do horses get if their hooves are not clean?

Horses can get thrush if their hooves are not cleaned. Thrush if not treated properly and soon enough can cause other problems that could be more serious than the initial thrush infection itself.

What is Thrush for horses?

Thrush is the infection of the frog of the horses hoof. You can normally tell, because when you go to pick their hooves, you smell something really strong and also you will probably see a black puss-like liquid. Thrush can occur when horse the horses hoof is trapped in moisture, for example, if your horse lives outside and stands in the mud all day, it most likely will get thrush. Hope that helps!! ~Makenna~

What is Thrush on Howrse?

An infection of a part of a horses hoof called the frog

What is thrush and who can get it?

Thrush is a infection horses can get in their frog of their hoof. It can be very painful to them when they walk. And if you are going to ride them when they have you have to buy special boots to put on his feet.

When talking about horses what is a Thrush?

an infection to the hoof same with the game test howrse

Can equine thrush be transferred to humans?

Thrush is just a form of fungal long as you wash your hands and are in general good health you should not be worried. Babies get thrush in their mouths commonly without any contact with horses... Thrush is an over growth of a common fungus which is found everywhere.

What is thrush?

Thrush for horses is a fungus that they get in their hooves from being in wet, muddy conditions. It rots the inside of the hoof and creates an unpleasant smell and the infected areas have white gunk in them. You can treat it using thrush busters at your local feed store.

Is a horse with thrush contagious?

No. Thrush is unpleasant and the medicine to treat it is even worse but it is not really spread from one horse to another. Two or more horses kept together may all have thrush but it has more to do with the condition of their footing where they are kept.

What would cause the horses frog to become soft and spongy?

A thrush infection would cause the horses hoof to become soft and spongy, if your horse's hoof has a very bad odour, then that is a sign of a thrush infection. Even if it doesn't have a strong odour it could still be a thrush infection, because the smell is just produced by rotting tissue, and dead bacteria. It would be a good idea to take your horse to a veterinarian. The best way to prevent a thrush infection is to clean out your horses hooves regularly! especially if you have your horse shawed!

What illnesses do horses normally have?

Common horse illnesses are -Thrush -Fungus Rain Rot colic

What is a thrush on a horse?

Thrush, is a fungal growth on the horses foot. It looks almost like black mold in the horses foot, normally in the frog area. It can easily be prevented by cleaning the feet daily, picking out all dirt. It can be treated with products like "Thrush Buster" if it appears.

How do you take care of horses hooves with a small answer?

Pick their hooves daily for any rocks. Treat for thrush if horses have any (white smelly stuff from moisture).

What illness can horses get?

Horses can get illnesses such as colic, laminitis, equine flu, mud fever, rain rot, eye infections, thrush, west nile virus and more.

Thrush is an illness of horses which affects what part of the body?

Horse Isle Quiz Answer: frog -- CherryBlossom (Pally Server)

Why is the bottom of your horses hoof black around the frog?

A black substance around the frog is often thrush. Thrush is a disease that usually occurs because the horse is living in filth or a dirty stall for long periods.

Why do horses keep having thrush?

Thrush, an infection of the feet of equines, is caused by allowing horses to stand in wet, soiled bedding for long periods of time. To prevent thrush, you must first be sure that your horse is free of the condition, then remove droppings from his stall daily, whenever you notice them. He should have a fairly deep bed of straw or sawdust. His bedding should be completely replaced every other day to ensure that the disease is under control, or more often if necessary. If you have any doubts about the cleanliness and dryness of the stall, clean it. A number of commercial cleaning products that are safe for horses are available to reduce the risk of thrush.

What is horse Thrush?

Horse thrush is a smelly condition in the foot it can get very painfull and bad for a horse if this does happen check with your farrier. It is where the is a bad condtion in the frog of the horses hoof a crack some deep some not so deep.!

What is the common disease when a horse's hoof is not cleaned regularly and is in moist environment for Horseisle?

Thrush is the disease most commonly found in shod horses living in a moist environment when their hooves are not cleaned regularly. usually thrush or abuses

Is thrush a bacteria?

No, thrush is not a bacteria. Thrush is the name of a yeast infection.

A common disease of the hoof that occurs when a horses hoof isn't cleaned regularly or the horse stands in moist environment is called what?


What are bird names that end with rush?

Song thrush. Mistle thrush. There are many birds around the world whose name ends with thrush (South Island thrush, native thrush, New Zealand thrush...)

What problems can happen when hooves on horses stay wet?

your horse can get 'Thrush' a fungus that grows on there hoofs and can make there feet a lot more sensitive. If you have problems with it you can get a product such as 'Thrush Buster' to put on it. still you don't want there feet to stay too wet