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Thrush is the lay term for a rotting infection of the frog, which is the spongy triangle-shapedportion of the underside of the hoof. It is often caused by poor hoof care compounded with stabling in wet, muddy environments. Treatment consists of cleaning out the bulk of the foul-smelling exudate and keeping the hoof surface clean and dry - simple exposure to oxygen tends to kill the causative organisms. Therapy can be hastened with application of any astringent (vinegar, dilute bleach, a commercial thrush treatment, etc) to the surface of the hoof twice daily until the exudate resolves.

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Q: What is Thrush in horses?
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What is a thrush on Howrse?

Thrush is a fungal disease horses can get in their foot.

What is the cure for thrush?

I think you should try thrush x if your talking about horses.

Whats the best way to cure thrush in horses?

The best way to cure thrush in horses is by keeping the horses hooves cleaned and professionally trimmed. The horse must be stalled in a clean and dry area and the thrush treated with a water-based thrush product like Thrush-X . Oil based products should not be used.

What disease do horses get if their hooves are not clean?

Horses can get thrush if their hooves are not cleaned. Thrush if not treated properly and soon enough can cause other problems that could be more serious than the initial thrush infection itself.

What is Thrush on Howrse?

An infection of a part of a horses hoof called the frog

What is Thrush for horses?

Thrush is the infection of the frog of the horses hoof. You can normally tell, because when you go to pick their hooves, you smell something really strong and also you will probably see a black puss-like liquid. Thrush can occur when horse the horses hoof is trapped in moisture, for example, if your horse lives outside and stands in the mud all day, it most likely will get thrush. Hope that helps!! ~Makenna~

What is thrush and who can get it?

Thrush is a infection horses can get in their frog of their hoof. It can be very painful to them when they walk. And if you are going to ride them when they have you have to buy special boots to put on his feet.

When talking about horses what is a Thrush?

an infection to the hoof same with the game test howrse

Is a horse with thrush contagious?

No. Thrush is unpleasant and the medicine to treat it is even worse but it is not really spread from one horse to another. Two or more horses kept together may all have thrush but it has more to do with the condition of their footing where they are kept.

Can equine thrush be transferred to humans?

Thrush is just a form of fungal long as you wash your hands and are in general good health you should not be worried. Babies get thrush in their mouths commonly without any contact with horses... Thrush is an over growth of a common fungus which is found everywhere.

What illnesses do horses normally have?

Common horse illnesses are -Thrush -Fungus Rain Rot colic

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