What is Tibet?

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Tibet is one of the province-level administrative units in China. It is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), usually called Tibet for short. It is located on the Tibetan Plateau in the Southwest of China.

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Q: What is Tibet?
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What is Tibet autonomous religion?

Tibet Autonomous REGION is the official name of Tibet.

Is Tibet in Nepal?

No, Tibet is a separate country. But Nepal is right next to Tibet.

Were is the plaue of Tibet?

tibet i tbet

Is Tibet in china or is Tibet china?

According to China, Tibet is a part of China. According to Tibet, many of them would like to be an independent country.

Tibet highest country in the world?


Natural disasters in Tibet?

Tibet may receive earthquakes Tibet may receive earthquakes

Where can you download maps of Tibet?

To plan a special Tibet tour, it is better for you to prepare the newest and most useful maps of Tibet, such as Tibet location map, Tibet world map, Lhasa map, Mount Kailash map, Lake Mansarovar map, Tibet Nepal map, Tibet train map, Mount Everest map, and other big Tibet travel map. I highly recommend this page: .

What kind of government does Tibet have?

The country of Tibet has an autonomous government that reports to China. Tibet is thought to be a part of China but Tibetans say Tibet is an independent country.

Where on the map is Tibet?

Tibet is located in the East of China.

Is Tibet in Indonesia?

No, Tibet is a country of it's own.

What is the status of Tibet?

Tibet is an autonomous region of China.

In what part of China is the plateau of Tibet?

the plateau of Tibet is a vast high area in china that includes the region of Tibet

Where is the plateu of Tibet?

The Plateau of Tibet is the country Tibet and is located in Asia. Some might say that it is in China, but it is really in the country Tibet. The whole country just happens to be on a plateau.

What type of language do Himalayan people speak?

The Himalayan people are located in Tibet and Tibet borders China . The Chinese control Tibet since 1950 and they have killed over 1 million of the population of Tibet. The people of Tibet speak Chinese.

How long has Tibet existed?

How long has the nation of Tibet Existed?

Is there any sea in Tibet?

Tibet is landlocked, it has no sea coast.

What plateau lies just north of the Himalayas?

Tibet Tibet

What is the currency of Tibet?

The currency used in Tibet is Chinese Yuan.

What nation is Tibet part of?

Tibet is considered part of China.

Is tea grown in Tibet?

yes, tea is growing in Tibet.

Do yaks live in Tibet?

Yes, yaks are found in Tibet.

What is capital city of Tibet?

The capital city of Tibet is Lhasa.

Where is north Tibet?

North Tibet is locatedin central Asia

When was Tibet Airlines created?

Tibet Airlines was created in 2010.

What is the new name for Tibet?

The new name for Tibet is Bhutan