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  • Trunk or Treat is when trick-or-treating is done from parked car to parked car in a local parking lot, often at a church, so parents are able to keep a more watchful eye on their children.
  • Picture this: a huge parking lot with the back ends of vans and trucks decorated in a variety of fun themes; complete with games and treats. Maybe in one section of the lot there is an inflatable bounce house and in another section there is a puppet show. From babies on up to grandpas and grandmas, there is something for everyone. What a fun way to spend the evening as a family!
  • In many communities churches sponsor the fun event and families plan their own theme for their vehicle. Sometimes elementary schools, sororities, and large neighborhoods sponsor one as well. The best part of Trunk-or-Treating is that the parking lot is roped off, freeing kids to skip or stroll from place to place.
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Q: What is Trunk or Treat?
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