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Its called "Gold-Lust by Jim Johnston..

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Q: What is WWE entrance song for gold dust?
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Has gold dust left WWE?

As of october 2010,he is in wwe.

Is Gold Dust still alive?

YES. Gold Dust is still alive and is still in WWE.

What is WWE's Even Born's enterence song?

his entrance song is bourne to fly

How long is an entrance song in WWE?

It varies for different songs.

Who sings the WWE 4 horsemen entrance song?


Wwe wrestlers that are best friends?

Yoshi and gold dust

What is Mick Foley's Entrance song?

His WWF entrance song was Accident.His Total Non-stop Action entrance song was Bang Bang by Dale Oliver.His WWE entrance song was Wreck.

What is the band that sings Jeff Hardy's entrance song in WWE?

His song currently in wwe now is by endeverafter and is called no more words.

What is the WWE Smackdown entrance theme song called?

If you Rock like me

What was Donald Trump's WWE entrance song?

For the Love of Money by The Ojays

Who sings WWE's Matt hardy entrance song?

Monster madness

Has anyone used a black eyed peas song for there WWE entrance?