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What is Welsh for Father?

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How is Adele Welsh?

Her father is welsh.

Is Adele Welsh?

Yes, her father is Welsh.

Welsh word for grand father?

Grand father in Welsh can be "Taid" or "Tad-Cu"

Were the Tudors Welsh?

Edmund Tudor, the father of Henry VII & grandfather to Henry VIII was Welsh. His son, Henry VII was born in Pembroke - therefor Welsh His son, Henry VIII was welsh due to the welsh conections from his father

Was the queen's father German?

No, he was welsh.

Is Catherine zeta Jones Mexican?

No, her father is Welsh and her mother is of Irish-Welsh descent. According to sources she i from Welsh Orgin.

Are dannii minogues parents Australian?

Her father is but her mother is Welsh.

What was Thomas Jefferson's ethnicity?

His mother was English, and his father of Welsh decent.

How do I say good night father in welsh?

"Nos da, Tad"

Is Vinnie Jones Welsh?

He was born in England but 'represented and captained the Welsh national football team, having qualified via a Welsh grandparent'. Judging from his surname it may have been his father's father.

What is parent in Welsh?

Tad neu fam (father or mother); parents is rhieni.

Mitch ryder what is his ethnicity?

Mitch's mother was Irish and Cherokee, and his father was Italian and Welsh.

What ethnicity is mitch ryder?

Mitch's Mother was Irish and Cherokee, and his father was Italian and Welsh.

Where was Guinevere born?

Most sources agree that Queen Guinevere was born a Welsh princess to a minor king. Her father, Leodegrance, ruled the Welsh kingdom of Carmelide in southwest Britain.

Was Allan Jones Film Star of the 30's the father of Tom Jones Welsh Singer?

Jack Jones is the son of Allan Jones. But they're all Welsh.

Which country was Henry VIII the king?

England and Wales (the latter was inherited through his Welsh father)

What do we know about Jon Gosselin's parents?

Jon's Mother is 100% Korean. Jon's Father is Half Welsh and Half French. Jon's Father passed away

Is Miranda Cosgrove part philipina?

No, she is of Irish and welsh decent from her father, and Russian, Italian, and Armenian from her mother.

What was Jon Gosselin's fathers ethnic heritage?

Jon Gosselin's father was half-French, half-Welsh.

Is Kelly Clarkson Swedish?

No. Kelly Clarkson's mother is of Greek descent and her biological father is of Welsh descent.

Is Shani Rhys James Welsh?

Technically not, she was born in Melbourne in Australia to a welsh father and australian mother. Then studied art in London, now she has lived in Wales for many many years. Hope this answer helped :)

Where is Leona Lewis parents from?

London but her Father is of Afro-Guyanese descent and her Mother is of Welsh, Italian and Irish descent.

What did Henry VIII do for wales?

In 1509, Henry VIII succeeded his father to the throne. Henry did not have the same feel for Wales that his father had. Henry VII had a Welsh dragon and a wolfhound on his heraldic insignia. Henry VIII dropped the wolfhound and replaced it with a lion, thus making the royal insignia less Welsh.

What are some Welsh dog breeds?

Here is a list of Welsh dog breeds:Black and Tan TerrierCardigan Welsh CorgiOld Welsh Grey SheepdogPembroke Welsh CorgiSealyham TerrierWelsh HilmanWelsh HoundWelsh SheepdogWelsh Springer SpanielWelsh Terrier

Was Henry VIII from Norway?

Henry VIII, King of England, was born on July 28th 1491 in Greenwich, near London. He had no connection with Norway. He was half Welsh and half English. His father Henry Tudor (Harri ap Tudur), who became Henry VII, led his troops during the wars of the Roses under the banner of the Welsh Dragon as his father was a wealthy Welsh merchant and he was born at Pembroke castle in Wales.