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What is a 11 letter word with o in it?


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There are thousands of words which are 11 letters long and contain an O. Some quick examples include:

  • scholarship
  • glassblower
  • impressions
  • meteorology
  • anonymously
  • woodpeckers
  • opportunity
  • depressions

There are a number of websites specifically made for supplying you with a list of words that meet specific criteria like yours. For a complete list, you should visit one of the examples in the related links below.


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Information is an 11 letter word with o as its 4th letter.

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Two such words are controlling and monopolized.

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You don't. The letter O is a letter, not a word. The word "oh" is a word but it does not stand for the letter O.

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What is a seven letter word with o as the sixth letter

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There are many such words; blockbuster, bookshelves, choirmaster, doorstopper and doorknocker are some.

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