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about 8k used

Ya for scrap. If its a good usable tank its $1 per gallon


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The blast radius of a 250 gallon propane tank would be 100 yards

Propane weighs about 4.2 pounds per gallon. Sounds like you have a 10 gallon tank (less the weight of the empty tank).

100 pound propane tank will hold 23.58 gallon. 100 pounds / 4.24 pounds per gallon = 23.58 gallons

An empty 5 gallon propane tank weighs about 20 lbs. It weights about 40 lbs full.

There is about 6 pounds to a gallon.100 pound propane tank will hold 23.58 gallon. 100 pounds / 4.24 pounds per gallon = 23.58 gallons

260 pounds for the tank plus about 400 pounds of propane. 660 pounds total.

4.22 pounds of Propane per gallon, a 100 gallon tank of propane would have 422 pounds of propane. ex. 100 gallons X 4.22 pounds = 422 pounds,

95 gallons of propane 400 divided into 4.2

500 US gallons of liquid propane is about 1,892.7 liters.

Commercial propane weighs about 3.696 lbs per gallon. So a 25 lb tank would be around 6.764 gallons.

there are 4.24 pounds of propane for every gallon of propane.. the average grill tank holds 20 pounds

I just paid $2.00 per gallon to fill our 500 gallon tank.

There is about 6 pounds to a gallon.

24" in diameter and 40.3" in height

2.26 a gallon for a 2000 sq ft home tank

How much does the tank itself weigh?

1 gallon = 4.2 lbs 33lbs / 4.2lbs = 7.86 gallons

I get mine in exchangeable 5 gallon containers and also delivered by truck to my 1000 gallon tank behind the house.

100 gallons? Are you kidding me. Who asked this question. You need not be dealing with propane. Believe it or not, there are 1000 US Gallons in a 1000 "Gallon" propane tank. Some peoples kids.

The tank will weigh about 900 pounds and if full, the 400 gallons of propane will weight about 1680 pounds. 2580 total. Tanks are only filled to about 80% with liquid propane, the other 20% will be filled with propane gas.

Amounts may varies by temp. But most of the time 4.1 gallon liquid propane.

Suburban Propane just filled my tank with 216 gallons of propane and charged $3.99 per gallon plus delivery charges, etc. 10/10/2012. Highway robbery.

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