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The first wheat-back cents were issued in 1909, so I assume you mean 1945. 1945 was (up till then) a record year for cent production so they are not especially valuable. Current retail is a few cents if circulated, maybe a dime if almost uncirculated.

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Q: What is a 1845 wheat penny worth?
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What is a 1942 wheat penny worth?

A 1942 wheat penny is worth 2 cents for the copper.

What is 1942 wheat penny worth?

A 1942 wheat penny is worth 2 cents for the copper.

1983 wheat penny worth?

A penny

What is the worth of a 1847 wheat penny?

The Wheat Penny did not appear until 1909.

How much does a 1957 penny worth?

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

How do I know if my penny is worth?

1944s wheat Penny

How much is 1929D wheat penny worth?

The value of a 1929 D wheat penny depends upon the condition that the penny is in. A 1929 D wheat penny that is not in good condition is worth about $4.00, a 1929 D penny in pristine mint condition is worth $446.

What is a 1938 copper penny worth?

The value of the 1938 wheat penny varies by condition. This wheat penny can be worth 35 cents to 12 dollars.

What is a misprint copper wheat penny 1944 worth?

A 1944 copper misprint wheat penny is worth 1,000,000 dollars.

How much is a wheat penny from 53 worth?

one penny

What is the value of a 1944 D wheat penny?

1944D Wheat Penny; in very fine condition is worth $0.10, uncirculated is worth $1.50.

How much is an 1919 wheat penny worth?

It depends on the condition of the penny

What is a 1917 wheat penny worth?

it is worth about $2 to $80,000

What is a 1938 wheat penny worth?


1946 wheat penny worth?


What is a 1928 wheat penny worth?


What is a 1902 Indian head wheat penny worth?

This is an Indian head penny, no wheat. This coin is worth about $3 to $10 in average circulated condition

Which wheat penny is worth 12500 dollars?

According to a 2014 coin price chart, there is no wheat penny that is worth $12,500. There is, however, a 1922 (no mint mark) wheat penny worth about $500 in circulated condition and $20,000 in mint condition. The highest price penny like this is a 1944 Steel penny that is worth $100,000 in mint condition and $4,000 in circulated condition.

How much is a wheat penny 1966 worth?

There are no wheat pennies dated 1966.

How much is a 1989 not wheat penny worth?

It's just a penny spend it.

How much is a philadelphiea wheat penny worth?

Please post a new question and include the date and condition of the wheat penny.

What is a 1957 wheat penny worth?

About 3 cents.

What is a 1919S Wheat Penny worth?

about 14 cents

What is a 1913 wheat penny worth?


What is a 1958D wheat penny worth?

3 cents.