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There has never been a circulating Walking Liberty silver dollar, only a 50¢ piece issued from 1916 to 1947. The design is currently used for bullion coins but these don't circulate.

All 1888 silver dollars have a Liberty Head design and are called Morgan dollars after the artist who created that image.


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What is the worth of the 2005 Walking Liberty silver uncirculated?

It is worth $35 if proof. Circulated is the silver face value,$13.

All silver dollars from 1922 to 1935 carry the Peace design. There has never been a Walking Liberty silver dollar, only a 50¢ piece, and these were not struck in 1922.

The value is only for the silver in the coin as of today(11-21-09) silver is $18.51 per ounce. Also please note: The coin is a American Silver Eagle not a walking liberty silver dollar.

A 1992 American Eagle Bullion Silver Dollar in MS65 condition is worth: $24.00.

The uncirculated 1995 is about $17.00 as of this date.

It's worth any where from $75-$100 sealed in mint condition.

The 1946 walking liberty half is a common date, but because it is 90% silver, it is worth around $10.50 in common circulated condition.

Please look at the coin again. The only U.S. DOLLAR coin dated 1978 is an Eisenhower Dollar. The Walking Liberty design for the American Silver Eagle dollar coins was first issued in 1986. Please post new question with more information.

It is known as a Silver Eagle and is worth the silver content of it (plus perhaps a dollar for it being an actual coin) which is one troy ounce of silver. At the time of writing it is worth $29.42 but fluctuates with the price of silver.

A 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is poor condition is worth about nine dollars. The uncirculated value of this coin is around fifty-five dollars. The silver content in the coin is valued at seven dollars and fourteen cents.

In a Walking Liberty silver half dollar there is .3617 of an ounce of silver, so it is less than 1 ounce of silver, but don't be discouraged because the coin itself is usually worth more than the silver melt value. Hope this helps.

The 1988 Walking liberty is one ounce pure silver, so will always be valued by the price of silver. A quick check on eBay shows they are currently selling at about $20.00 USD, with the proof version of this coin selling for about double that amount. The price above the silver value will only be determined by what the collector is willing to pay.

If you look on the back of the coin it will say 50 cents not a dollar. The coin is a Walking Liberty Half Dollar, circulated examples are valued for the silver content only at about $5.00 Uncirculated coins can be $25.00 or more.

A 1993 American eagle Bullion Silver Dollar in MS69 condition is worth: $ 50; if its mint state is PF69, the value is: $275.

The last year for the Walking Liberty halves was 1947. A half dollar dated 1957 is a Franklin half. Please look at the coin again and post new question.

Need to know the coins date, post new question.

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