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If a genuine zinc plated steel cent, thousands of dollars. More likely a silver plated novelty item worth a few cents. Check with a magnet, if it does not stick, it's a fake. The US never made any 1 cent silver coins, look at the coin again.

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Q: What is a 1944 silver penny worth?
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What is a misprint copper wheat penny 1944 worth?

A 1944 copper misprint wheat penny is worth 1,000,000 dollars.

What is a 1944 penny made of steel worth?

The 1944 steel penny is worth between $75,000 and $110,000. This steel penny was minted by mistake and there were not a lot of them around.

What is the value of a silver 1944 penny?

US pennies were never made of silver. They were made of steel in 1943 and those are worth around 10-50 cents depending on condition. Then a few steel cents were minted in 1944 by error, which, if genuine, is worth over $300,000

What is a 1960 silver U.S. penny worth?

There is no such thing as a U.S. silver penny.

What is a 1944 1 cent penny worth?

i cent

What is value of a 1944 copper penny worth?

1944 is a common date, currently worth around 5 cents.

How much is a silver penny worth from 1962?

US pennies have never been made of silver.

1944-D wheat penny worth?

It's worth about 4 cents.

How much is a one penny 1944 worth?

About 10 cents

How much is a silver penny made in 1962 worth?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. It would have more than a dime's worth of silver in it. Your coin has been plated.

What is a 1944 silver wheat penny worth?

Sorry no silver pennies were ever made by the mint, but the 1943 cent was made from steel and a few 1944 cents were struck in steel by accident. If the date is 1944 see if it sticks to a magnet ,if it does take it to a coin dealer. If it doesn't stick it probably has been chrome plated.

What is a 1944 chrome plated wheat penny worth?

Unless you find someone that wants it, just a penny.