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Check your date, because President Kennedy was put on the half in 1964.

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All 1965 half dollars carry a picture of President Kennedy. Ben was a lot older and balder than JFK. The last Franklin halves were made in 1963. Kennedy halves started in 1964. If you have a 1963 Franklin half, it's worth about $6. If you have a 1965 JFK half, it's worth about $2.50

Half dollar minted 1965-70 are 40% silver and currently worth around $4.

One late 1960s half dollar is currently worth about $5.

It's an ordinary cupronickel circulation coin worth 25¢

i checked and it said it was worth: $8.65 or $156.00

As of February 2018, it's worth about $2.50 for the silver.

The value is for the silver at $2.25 as of today.

5 bob. a dollar in 1965 was five shillings

It's currently worth about $5 for the silver. Kennedy half dollars minted 1965-70 contain 40% silver.

Kennedy is on the half dollar, not the silver dollar. As of February 2016, a 1964 Kennedy half is worth about $5.50, a 1965-1970 is about $2.25, and 1971 or later is 50 cents.

Half dollars 1965-70 are 40% silver and at present are worth about $4.

Kennedy is on the half dollar, not the dollar. Those minted in 1964 are worth about $13, coins from 1965-70 are worth about $5, and anything 1971-present are worth 50 cents.

1964 was the last year for silver quarters.

Half dollars 1965-70 contain 40% silver. At present, it's worth about $4.

As of 26 December 2014, one is worth just under $6 for the silver.

in mint uncirculated condition, it would be worth $7.50. In normal, used condition it is worth about 97¢.

It's still worth about $4.50 for the silver, a 1965 is 40% silver but the plating adds nothing to the value unless someone wants it.

What was the US dollar rate in 1965?

U.S. half dollars dated 1965-1970 contain 40% silver and are currently worth about $3.

They're worth about $2.50 a piece for the silver.

Benjamin Gitlow died in 1965.

1965-1970 Kennedy halves are only 40% silver. Most are valued for just the silver, about $4.50.

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