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What is a 1987 liberty silver dollar worth?

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2010-10-18 04:07:37
2010-10-18 04:07:37

It's a bullion coin whose value fluctuates with the spot price of silver. Check your newspaper or Google SPOT PRICE SILVER for current figures.

P.S. ALL U.S. coins carry the word Liberty so that's not a distinguishing characteristic.


The value of the 1987 American Silver Eagle Bullion coin depends greatly on silver but also where it was minted and what condition the coin is in. Uncirculated coins were minted in Philadelphia while Proof coins were minted in San Francisco. According to USA Coin Book, an MS65 brilliant uncirculated coin from Philadelphia is worth about $20 while a PR65 brilliant proof coin from San Francisco is worth about $45.

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About $18.00 as of today just for the silver

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$20 to $56 depending upon the condition of the coin.

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The value is only for the silver in the coin as of today(11-21-09) silver is $18.51 per ounce. Also please note: The coin is a American Silver Eagle not a walking liberty silver dollar.

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As of 3-11-11 the value is $34.53

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This coin is worth about $15.00 depending on the buyer.

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