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What is a 2001 US one gold dollar coin worth?


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If you got it in change, $1. Go ahead and spend it.

If the coin is uncirculated and in an original mint package or a plastic slab, it might sell for $1.25 or $1.50. A dealer will pay you face value, and any bank that has them in their vaults will sell them for $1 each.

Remember, there is no gold in a "golden" dollar. They're made of manganese-brass and contain about a dime's worth of metal.

If you think about it for a few seconds, even the most bone-headed government bureaucrat would not authorize minting a coin that would have hundreds of dollars of gold in it, and put it into circulation for a buck!

Question... Why does a 2013 1oz. American Gold Eagle, or a 2013 1oz. American Gold Buffalo have a $50.00 face value when today, September 22, 2013 gold is selling for over $1,300.00 an once? I agree with you on your point that this 2001 $1 coin has no gold content in the coin, and if this was the worst thing that our bone-headed government bureaucrats did, we would all be in much better shape today!