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Circulating state quarters are worth face value only.


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i have a quarter with no back on it no date with a P

GoTO the 1983 p mint quarter is $22

The Philadelphia Mint hasn't produced silver coinage for circulation since 1964. A 2003-P state quarter is worth 25 cents.

It depends if it has anything unordinary, or something that another quarter doesnt have.

25 cents or a quarter dollar depending on your preferred way of speaking about currency.

If it says 2008 at the bottom, then it's the last State Quarter, worth 25 cents.It simply honors Hawaii, it wasn't minted there. The mintmark is to the right of the tail on Washington's wig:P = PhiladelphiaD = Denver

In circulated condition, a 1985-P quarter is just worth 25 cents. If uncirculated and graded by NGC/PCGS it might be worth a couple of bucks. If there's any wear or any defects in it, just spend it.

This coins has no extra value other than 25 cents.

50 Cent is worth $440 Million and P Diddy is worth $385 Million. So 50 cent is worth more.

from 500 dollars to 100 dollars depending if its p mint mark

25 cents. It is a current circulating coin.

Retail value for this coin in MS-60 $125.00 to $150.00.

A 1999 P US quarter is worth a book value of $0.30. No one will pay you more than 25 cents for this coin though since they are so common. My advice is to save the D quarters from the state years. These are not as common as a P coin.


It is worth p times p. The value of p2 depends on what p is worth.

25 cents, it is in common circulation. The P means it was struck at the Philidelphia mint which strikes a lot of the coins intended for circulation. It is not struck in any precious metals and isn't worth more than any other quarter you'd randomly find in your pocket change.

The mintmark is a "D" not a "P" and it's just a quarter.

Those are called "mint marks," because they indicate where the coin was minted. P stands for Philadelphia, and D means Denver. The value depends on the date, but given that the P mint mark wasn't added to quarters until 1980, any with that mark are worth 25 cents.

The coin is 25 cents, the "P" mint mark was not used on US quarters until 1980

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R-P-M- - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

25 percent is a quarter

25 cents. Quarters made in Philadelphia didn't start using the P mint mark until 1980.

Face value Canadian, possibly up to a dollar down here in the U.S., but only for a collector.

Copper-nickel, not silver, just like all the other quarters out there in change. Unless it's uncirculated, it's only worth a quarter. A P mint mark, not a "P Mint" - that would be the entire Philadelphia Mint building! The only silver state quarters were issued by the San Francisco mint ("S") and were sold in special "prestige" coin sets. All coins from Philadelphia were made out of copper-nickel.

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