What is a 29er mountain bike?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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One can purchase a 29er bike at most good bike stores who will be able to order one in if they don't have it in stock. Suppliers including Evans, Go Outdoors, Wiggle, Dales Cycles and Re-Cycle.

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A 29er use the same rim size as a 28"(622 mm) road bike - the common size for adult bikes. The top tube is likely to be lower, allowing even a short person to straddle the bike. Don't let this fool you however, if the reach from saddle to bars is too long you won't be able to get comfortable on it anyhow.

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A 29er is a mountain bike that uses 700C AKA 622 mm diameter rims as opposed to the more common 26" AKA 559 mm rims.

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Q: What is a 29er mountain bike?
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What is a 29er bikes?

A 29er is basically a MTB built around the same rim size as a 28"(622 mm) road bike - the common size for adult bikes.

How does a 29er mountain bike wheel perform off road?

It performs just fine. It's a bit weaker sideways, and slower to accelerate than its 26" counterpart, but nothing major.

How does a 29er mountain bike out perform a 26 wheel off road?

Depends on the riding conditions. It it's a track with fairly small obstacles, say 2-3 inches high, (5-8 cm) then a29er will roll over these easier than a 26" would. At the same time 29er wheels are weaker sideways and heavier to accelerate, so for really technical and hard riding the 26" has the advantage.

Will 700c x 38 tire fit on older 29 inch road bike rim?

Yes it should. I've been running 700c tires on my modern 29er wheels without a problem. You could also try looking for 1.5 inch 29er tires.

Can you change a mountain bike with 26 tires over to 29 tires?

You can't change the tires ONLY, as 29er tires wouldn't fit on a 26" rim. If it's a disc brake bike, you MAY be able to fit 29er wheels in a frame/fork that originally came with 26" wheels though. But you'll have to check how much clearance you have at the fork crown, down by the chain stays and by the seat stays. A 29er wheel will have the tire running about 2 1/2 " higher in the fork, higher between the seat stays and closer to the bottom bracket. If you've got the space for that,(remember to check with the suspension compressed) then you may attempt the switch. The bike will ride a bit higher, be slower off the mark, wheels will be weaker/flexier and you'll basically lose your 1-2 lowest gears.

When did Mountain Bike Rally happen?

Mountain Bike Rally happened in 1994.

Why not ride a mountain bike on the road?

A road bike is faster on the road than a mountain bike. That's all

What is the focus of Mountain Bike magazine?

Mountain bike magazines focus on mountain bike tracks, tips and information regarding bikes in general as well as helpful tips about bike parts and repair.

When was Mountain Bike Rally created?

Mountain Bike Rally was created in 1994-11.

Are mountain bike shoes Required to ride a mountain bike?

Mountain bike shoes are not required to be able to ride a mountain bike. You can wear any good athletic shoe. Wearing an actual mountain bike shoe is helpful however to keep your feet from slipping from the peddles on rugged terrian but it not required in any way.

What are some famous mountain bike magazines?

One of the most popular mountain bike magazine is "Mountain Bike." Other favorites that discuss all types of biking are "Dirt Rag Magazine," and "Bike Magazine."

Where can you get a mountain bike on gta san adreas?

You can find a mountain bike on the top of mount Chiliad.