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Q: What is a 311e worth and when was it made?
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Savage Stevens model 311e What is it worth?

75-300 USD depending on conditon.

What years were the savage model 311E made?

the savage Stevens no 311 was made between 1926-1945 with 145,500 units made.

What is the value and age of a savage Stevens model 311E?

The value and age of a Savage Stevens model 311E will vary depending on the length of the gun and its condition. These guns were made in the 1960s and the 1970s and can sell for up to about $300 in excellent condition.

What is the value of Stevens 311e 12 gauge double barell?


When was my Stevens Model 311E 20ga. serial A453440 made?

Not much in the way of serial number data on Stevens guns. Check with the customer service staff at Savage Arms- Stevens has been part of the Savage brand for nearly 100 years.

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Who made it. Who made it.

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