What is a 4-letter word that uses the letters f and g and then either an u a or i?

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Gulf, figs, gift, fang, flag...
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What are Scrabble words using the letters G i F U W E R G?

Figure :to compute; also can refer to shape . Gigue :a lively dance . Grief :sadness . Gurge :to swirl . Fire . Frug :to perform a long dance . Grew . Grig :a lively person . Grue :a shutter of fear . Reif :robbery . Rife . Urge . Weir :a fence placed in a stream to catch fish . Wife ( Full Answer )

Words using the letters U E R A B G S M?

umbrages, umbrage, abuser, ambers, amuser, argues, augers, barges, begums, breams, bregma, brumes, bursae, embars, gambes, gamers, grumes, marges, mauger, maugre, rumbas, sambur, sauger, umbers, umbrae, umbras, abuse, agers, agues, amber, amuse, argue, argus, arums, auger, aures, bares, barge, barms ( Full Answer )

What 6 letter word can you make using these letters f i u l b a?

fibula! The fibula or calf bone is a bone located on the lateral side of the tibia, with which it is connected above and below. It is the smaller of the two bones, and, in proportion to its length, the most slender of all the long bones. Its upper extremity is small, placed toward the back of th ( Full Answer )

What words can be made using the letters z a u i g t t f?

2-letter words ag, ai, at, fa, if, it, ta, ti, ut 3-letter words aft, ait, fag, fat, fig, fit, fiz, fug, gat, git, gut, tag, tat, tau, tit, tug, tui, tut, uta, zag, zig, zit 4-letter words fiat, futz, gait, gift, taut, tufa, tuft 5-letter words gutta 6-letter words zaftig ( Full Answer )

What word can you make using these letters M O U A H D F?

2-letter words ad, ah, am, da, do, fa, ha, hm, ho, ma, mo, mu, od, of, oh, om, uh, um 3-letter words ado, amu, dah, dam, dom, duo, fad, foh, fou, fud, had, ham, hao, hod, hum, mad, mho, moa, mod, mud, oaf, ohm, oud, udo 4-letter words doum, duma, fado, foam, maud 5-letter words ( Full Answer )

What are scrabble words using the letters v i f o g a r u?

2-letter words ag, ai, ar, fa, go, if, of, or 3-letter words ago, air, arf, avo, fag, far, fig, fir, fog, for, fou, fro, fug, fur, gar, goa, gor, guv, oaf, oar, ora, our, ova, rag, ria, rif, rig, rug, var, vau, via, vig, vug 4-letter words agio, arvo, fair, faro, fiar, fora, four, fra ( Full Answer )

What is a word you can make using the letters g e n s u f?

2-letter words ef, en, es, ne, nu, un, us 3-letter words efs, eng, ens, fen, feu, fug, fun, gnu, gun, nus, seg, sen, sue, sun, uns, use 4-letter words engs, fens, feus, fugs, funs, fuse, gens, genu, gnus, guns, snug, sung 5-letter words genus, negus 37 words found.

How many words can you make using the letters h i g t f s?

2-letter words hi, if, is, it, sh, si, ti 3-letter words fig, fit, ghi, git, his, hit, ifs, its, sit, tis 4-letter words figs, fish, fist, fits, ghis, gift, gist, hist, hits, sift, sigh, sith, this 5-letter words fight, gifts, shift, sight 6-letter words fights 35 words foun ( Full Answer )

What are scrabble words using the letters q v i f a h g y o u g b o h?

2-letter words ag, ah, ai, ay, ba, bi, bo, by, fa, go, ha, hi, ho, if, of, oh, oy, uh, ya 3-letter words aby, ago, avo, bag, bah, bay, big, bio, boa, bog, boo, boy, bug, buy, fag, fay, fib, fig, fob, fog, foh, fou, foy, fub, fug, gab, gag, gay, ghi, gib, gig, goa, gob, goo, guv, guy, hag, h ( Full Answer )

What are scrabble words using the letters o i o f a a u e t?

2-letter words aa, ae, ai, at, ef, et, fa, if, it, oe, of, ta, ti, to, ut 3-letter words aft, ait, ate, eat, eau, eft, eta, fat, fet, feu, fie, fit, foe, fou, oaf, oat, oft, oot, out, tae, tao, tau, tea, tie, toe, too, tui, uta 4-letter words auto, etui, fate, feat, feta, fiat, foot, ( Full Answer )

What are scrabble words using the letters r a r e u i o f?

Lots of really good words can be made from the official scrabble dictionary using those letters: fairer furore ourari afire afore airer aurei farer feria feuar firer friar frier frore furor ourie rifer uraei urare urari aero euro fair fare faro fe ( Full Answer )

What words can I make using the letters k u f e a a o and e?

fake is one word 2-letter words aa, ae, ef, fa, ka, oe, of 3-letter words auk, eau, eke, fee, feu, foe, fou, kae, kaf, kea, kef, koa, kue, oaf, oak, oka, oke, uke 4-letter words akee, fake, keef 28 words found.

What is a word that uses letters f u m o x d h?

There's no word with those letters, here are the words that can be made from the letters: doum doux dom duh duo foh fou fox fud hod hum mho mod mud ohm oud udo do hm mo mu od of oh om ox uh um xu

What words can you make up using the letters b e f g m n u w?

2-letter words be, ef, em, en, me, mu, ne, nu, um, un, we 3-letter words beg, ben, bug, bum, bun, emu, eng, fem, fen, feu, few, fub, fug, fun, gem, gnu, gum, gun, men, mew, mug, mun, neb, new, nub, web, wen 4-letter words bumf, bung, fume, genu, geum, menu, neum, numb, unbe 5-lett ( Full Answer )

What words use the letters n e t k a u g f?

3-letter words aft, age, ane, ant, ate, auk, eat, eau, eft, eng, eta, fag, fan, fat, fen, fet, feu, fug, fun, gae, gan, gat, get, gnu, gun, gut, kae, kaf, kat, kea, kef, keg, ken, kue, nae, nag, net, nut, tae, tag, tan, tau, tea, teg, ten, tug, tun, uke, uta 4-letter words ague, ante, aunt, ( Full Answer )

What are scrabble words using letters G U A O F W Y E?

3-letter words age, ago, awe, aye, eau, ego, fag, fay, feu, few, fey, foe, fog, fou, foy, fug, gae, gay, gey, goa, guy, oaf, owe, wae, wag, way, woe, wye, yaw, yea, yew, you, yow 4-letter words ague, fogy, wage, yoga, yowe, yuga 5-letter words fogey

What are some nine letter words with 1st letter U and 2nd letter N and 3rd letter F and 9th letter G?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 11 words with the pattern UNF-----G. That is, nine letter words with 1st letter U and 2nd letter N and 3rd letter F and 9th letter G. In alphabetical order, they are: unfailing unfairing unfearing ( Full Answer )