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A BA is a bachelor of arts degree, a BS is a bachelor of science degree. Both take four years to earn.

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Q: What is a BA or a BS?
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What is BA and BS?

BS = Bachelor of Science BA = Bachelor of Arts

What is a BS or BA?

BS = Bachelor of Science BA = Bachelor of Arts

Is business management a BA or a BS?


What is a major in history a BA or a BS?


What is A BS and BA?

BA - Bachelor of Arts BS - Bachelor of Science Both are college degrees

In college what is BA and BS?

In college a BA is a bachelors degree of arts. A BS is a bachelors degree in science. Most students get a BA.

Are you awarded a BS or BA in Business Management?


Is it possible for you to take a ba and bs?

No but I could be wrong. It wouldn't make sense anyway. If there are both a BS and BA offered for the same area then BS is more respected than a BA.

Does journalism fall under a BS or BA?


Is a sociology degree at you of MD a BA or BS?


Does a medicine major have a BS or BA or higher ed?

you are bs

Are most finance degrees a BA or BS?

BA degree.

Is business management consider BA or BS degree?

It is an ba

Is an education degree a BA or a BS degree?

ITS MY BA deegree2012

What does BA and BS and BE mean?

BA means Bachelor of Arts. BS means Bachelor of Science. BE means Bachelor of Engineering.

Is nursing a BS or BA degree?

I think it is a BS degree however I am not sure if some collages offer it as a BA degree to.

Are you likely to make more money if you get a BS or BA degree?


What is different between BA and BS?

BA is a Bachelor of Arts. BS is a Bachelor of Science. They are both three to five year degrees.

Is degree capitalized in BS or BA?

A Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) entry is normally capitalized.

Would an undergraduate degree in business be a BS or BA degree?

It can be either a BS or a BA degree. Whether it is a BA or a BS would depend on what direction you take the program (and what your university or college offers) in your undergraduate studies. Keep in mind that some universities/colleges may only offer a Business BS or just a Business BA.

What acronym for Bachelor's degree?

BA or BS

What is diploma in civil engineering?

BA and BS

What does BA BS MA MS stand for?

BA - bachelor of artsBS - bachelor in scienceMA - master or artsMS - master in science

Is social work a BS or BA degree?

It is considered both, the education is started with a Bachelor's Degree, (BA, BS, BSc, BSW, BSSW, etc.)

What is better a BA or a BS in psychology?

There is no better. Depends what you future goals are. Pick the degree which fits your future goals. Want a study in Adolescent BiPolar Disorder or Dual Diagnosis study which requires a BS or A Ba. So you can work with either a BS or a BA??