What is a Baikal worth?

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I bought one as a hunting tool, not to be worried about mud or scratches.

Two years later I use it for hunting, skeet and trap. Never had a problem. It is very reliable.

My pals watch it like the poor's guy gun, but it does its job perfectly. Best of all I am not paranoid about dust, like them.

Has all the features of $2,000 guns.

what is a Baikal worth? What It's worth and what it will cost to buy one are two different things. I have a browning Citori skeet, baikal 27em-ic-m and an Italian made fausti, can't hit anything with the fausti due to the fact it doesn't fit. The baikal and the browning have exactly the same point characteristics. The baikal can be bought for as little as $300 if you look around. but It's worth at least as much as a well worn browning to me. That could be as much as $700. I wouldn't want to try to replace it with another cheep over and under. I think the value is great. Buy one and do as I did, polish the metal and have it reblued as the finish still shows some imperfections out of the box, and refinish the walnut wood. Mine will soon look like a gun equal in quality to my browning. Don't be afraid to buy one!

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Q: What is a Baikal worth?
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