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It is a British term, mainly used prior to WWII, for a small storage room; like a closet but is usually a small room rather than a closet within a room. Has been utilized more recently to indicate any especially small room that could be used as a small bedroom or for storage.
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How can you get clearer pictures in the rooms without a converter box when you are paying for cable TV?

Getting Clearer Pictures . Sounds like you're trying to run several TV's from one cable box's RF output. All you need to do is get an RF amplifier to raise the signal output from the box enough to overcome the losses in the splitters and cable you're using. If you're using just basic cable, ( Full Answer )

Average size of box room?

An average sized room such as a bedroom could be ten feet square oreight feet square. Larger rooms will be longer than they are wide.

Can the x-box 360 and PS3 be online at he same time in the same room?

Sure it's easy for two people to be online at the same time. Think of an internet cafe and everyone on there own laptops and just replace it with game consoles. The same way your next door neighbor can play a PS3 and you have the Xbox 360. You both must have your own consoles and monitors. That they ( Full Answer )

Is work done if you push a box across a room?

Yes. The "work" done, in the pure Physics definition, is the forceyou apply to the box to keep it moving, multiplied by the distance you keeppushing.

Where is the box room on club penguin?

well you could wait for April fools day and buy it in the catalog if ur a member or you could find someone with a box dimention box in their igloo and then just go in it, somtimes you will see an orange puffle in a box floating. my penguin name is mong2009

What is the HTML code to make a chat box or a chat room?

HTML is not a programming language, so you cannot create any applications with it. It is just for formatting the look and design of a page. To get a page to do something needs programming code. There is no HTML code that would create a chat room, so you would have to use a server scripting language ( Full Answer )

How do you break the boxes to get in the secret room in Pokemon leaf green?

It is not possible to break the boxes in Seven Island on PokemonLeafGreen. The room behind the boxes is a feature that was removedfrom the game that involved the use of the E-Reader. It was removeddue to the cards needed to use with the E-Reader were never goingto be released outside of Japan.

What room was used for a boxing match in the White House?

Unfortunately there was never an official boxing match at the White House, however, President Theodore Roosevelt was and avid boxer and spared hundreds of times while President. He would use his private office upstairs in the White House. According to a NY Times story from October 28, 1917 (se ( Full Answer )

Where is the musical room in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Puzzle 139 Coast To Coast, Location Layton's Study. - Musicians House How to Unlock all of Layton's Challenges You must take them one at a time. The Musician's house (must have taken 9 photographs and spotted all the differences), The Tea Master's house,(must have served tea to 26 thirsty people ( Full Answer )

Is it Ok to have a cat litter box in your room while being pregnant My cat litter box is in a storage room that is connected to my bedroom in an appartment I have no where else to put it?

It should be safe with a few precautions. Use the long handled plastic scoops to take the urine & feces out of the cat litter. Put this in another bag and take out to the garbage can. Use the self clumping type of cat litter. Don't use your hands and if you have to touch anything in the litter box, ( Full Answer )

How many boxes of pergo do you need to do 200 sq ft room?

It depends how many square feet the style you pick covers. For example a box of one pergo tile style may cover 18.36 sq.ft. Then you would need at least 6 boxes Check out each Pergo specs are on the box and state sq ft coverage

Where is the End Alley Room in Pandora's Box ds?

Go to the Fork in the road, take the right hand side, go past Gertie the Pancake Lady, continue down the alley past Dylan, the end room is on the left and side at the very bottom of the alley.

How do you get box room on Club Penguin?

you can find the box room only while the April fools day is going on so go to the mine shack and there will be the box store members only are aloud. go in and you can buy the box demintion box hope ya find it! :-)

How do you determine how many boxes of tiles for a 240 square foot room?

30 boxes should work . Ceramic tile normally come in boxes of 10, so you would need 240 tiles or 24 boxes. Then add 20%-30% more for cutting edges, corners, islands, closets, waste, and breakage. That would be 5 - 7 more boxes. But it is best to have a few on hand for future repairs.

Why do my 2 cats suddenly want their food dish and litter box in another room?

There may be something about the current room that they don't like. For example, there may be a loud noise that goes off at random, such as a lawnmower if the room is near a window. They may not like the current location because of confinement, lack of privacy or being in the open. To fix this, move ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a bunny in one room in your house if it's litter box trained?

Yes, litter-trained rabbits can be "free range" in your home or confined to a room (as oppose to a cage, exercise pen, crate, or NIC "condo"). See the Related Links below for more information about all of the following. If you keep your rabbit in a room in your home, the room should have: . Li ( Full Answer )

How many boxes of 12x12 tiles in a 117foot room?

Your answer depends on how many tiles come in each box. All brands of tile are different - your boxes may contain 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, or 18 tiles in each box. Do you mean to say your room is 117 SQUARE feet? If each tile measures 12" x 12" (or one foot by one foot), then each tile is one square foot. ( Full Answer )