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What is a Compound Wound Traction Motor?

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It is a Direct Current Motor which is wound and creates a magnetic field when energized and does not use a permanent magnet. Jeff S.

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What different types of DC motor are there?

Series wound. Parallel wound. Series/parallel or Compound wound.

What are the 3 types of dc motor?

Series wound.Parallel wound.Compound wound, which has both series and parallel windings.

What are the types of dc motors?

Types of DC Motors•DC motor • Permanent Magnet DC Motor• Separately Excited DC Motor• Self Excited DC Motor• Shunt Wound DC Motor• Series Wound DC Motor• Compound Wound DC Motor• Cumulative compound DC motor• Short shunt DC Motor• Long shunt DC Motor• Differential Compound DC Motor• Short Shunt DC Motor• Long Shunt DC Motor

What is traction motor?

traction means propulsion of vichel and traction motor means the motor which propel the our object and it have tractive effort thats why we are saying traction and it is used in railways

What DC motor is used for traction?

dc series motor is used for traction...

Is torque and current proportional?

Sometimes, for example in a separately excited dc motor. But in a series-wound dc motor the torque is proportional to current-squared, which gives the motor a very high starting torque and this makes series motors very popular for traction.

What is the difference between traction motor and general motor?

A series motor is employed for traction application which has starting torque and permits intermittent operations by braking, which cannot be expected of a general purpose motor.

What motor is used for rail way station?

DC Traction Motor.

What motor do they used in railway engines for traction?

DC Series motor

What type of motor use in delhi metro traction?

dc series motor

Explain starting of a wound rotor induction motor?

explain wound rotor

What are surfboard traction pads made of?

Mainly a Foam Compound

Is motor bird a compound word?

Motor bird is not a compound word.

What motor do they use in railway engines for traction?

electric motors

Type of traction motors used in Delhi metro?

In delhi metro used motor is INDUCTION MOTOR.

A compound motor is flat compound when?

Its flattened

Define traction motor?

it is a motopr which is used to drive the electrical vehicles

Which type of motor is used for traction applications?

DC series motors...

Why dc series motor is a choice FOR electrical traction?

DC series motor can provide large starting torque.

To replace 7.5 kw 400dc1750 rpm motor with an equivalent ac motor which produce eq. torque then what should be the rating of motor?

What kind of DC Motor? Different motors have different torque DC Motor Types * Permanent Magnet: No field coils at all. * Series Wound: the field coils are connected in series with the armature coil. Powerful and efficient at high speed, series wound motors generate the most torque for a given current. Speed varies wildly with load, and can run away under no-load conditions. * Shunt Wound: the field coils are connected in parallel with the armature coil. Shunt wound motors generate the least torque for a given current, but speed varies very little with load. Will not run away under no-load, but may if the field windings fail. * Compound Wound: a combination of series and shunt wound. This is an attempt to make a motor that will not run away under no load or if the field fails, yet is as efficient and powerful as a series wound motor. * Check this link:

What the applecation of universal motor?

A series-wound motor is referred to as a universal motor. We cab operate this motor either AC or DC power.

What is the reason for using a three phase motor compared to a single phase motor?

If you are asking what is the advantage of a motor wound for a Y or Delta configuration over a motor wound for a single phase configuration, then the advantage of the Y or Delta motor is more efficient operation. And in a motor, or in any power application, efficiency is all important.

Why tiers of racing cars are smooth?

To give more traction on a dry surface. The rubber compound is very soft to provide traction but that is also why they do not last long.

What is the meaning of traction control system?

There are different kind of traction control system. the logic behind them is to detect tire spin (when you loose traction) and the car will mechanically or electronically adjust the output of the motor to prevent slippage.

What is it called when you can see the bone protruding from the wound?

An open compound fracture.