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Model trains are scale model of real trains. It’s a hobby that involves piecing together working model trains and building scaled down scenery for it. Most hobbyists prefer model trains that move like the real thing.

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What is the modern day train model?

it would be dash 8s dash9s and ac4400s and ac6000s.

Model Trains

Are n scale model train bigger then g scale?

No. There are many scales of model trains which include from the smallest "Z-scale" (1:220), "N-scale" (1:160), "TT-scale" (1:120), "HO-scale" (1:87.1), "OO-scale" (1:76.2), "S-scale" (1:64), "S-scale" (1:64), "O-scale" (1:48), "1-scale" (1:32) and the largest, "G-scale" (1:22.5).

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What is memu train?

Memu stands for mainline electric multiple unit trains. That means they are pulled by electric engines instead of diesel engines. They are passenger trains in India.

Model Trains

What is an HO model train?

HO is a gauge (scale) for model trains. The name HO comes from the fact that it represents a reduction of half from the earlier O gauge ("Half O"), which was more popular in Europe. The ratio for HO gauge equipment is 1:87 which means that the HO tracks are 16.5mm apart, or 1/87th of a standard train track (1435mm). In Europe, an almost exactly the same scale is called OO (pronounced "Double O"), even though it is much closer to half of O scale than double it (it is actually called "Double O" because there are two O's (OO) in the scale name).

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Is acrylic paint a Matt finish?

Acrylic, like enamel paint, can be matt, gloss, or satin finish. Please see the related link below.

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What is the fractional equivalent to model railroad HO scale?

According to the NMRA (National Model Railroading Association), HO Scale is 1:87.1. That is, if the real thing were 87.1 inches long, the model would be 1 inch.

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What is a scale model?

A scale model is a extact replica of something - usually smaller than the original item. Example: A 1/10 scale model car is 10 times smaller than the original car.

Model Trains

How much is a Lionel train set 1635ws worth?

I've searched on the net and its about $419 to $500.

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How much is a Lionel model train engine worth?

I have a lonely train set that i had since i was a cider the number on the engine is 8304

the Cole cache says chesapeake & Ohio. the two open box car # 6142&9131,cobos 9064

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How much volt use to run train engine?

They run on extremely high voltages both AC and DC. 1500 to 15000 volts is common.

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What is the name given to a person who collects coins?

A coin collector.

AnswerMany of us claim to be students of the art and history of coins and coinage and prefer to be called numismatists.
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What is a model train terminal rerailer?

Rerailer is a tool that helps keep the train on track and terminal rerailer is the one that connects the model train to the power supply or electricity.

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How much is a tyco steel hauler train set worth?

Probably worth $40-$50 if it is in very good condition and still has all the little accessory pieces that came with it. The price drops rapidly if missing parts or heavily played with.

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What is railroad track ballast?

Short answer rocks.

That being said railroad track ballast is the cover for the subgrade. Ballast has several functions:

* It enables water to drain from the track

* It assists in helping control the thermal expansion of continues welded rail * As a train passes the rails it supports the train * it distributes the weight of the train from the track structure to the subgrade * maintains a smooth running surface for the train to run on

As ballast becomes contaminated with other materials it looses its ability to do some or all of these jobs.

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When was the model train invented?

People have been making models of trains for almost as long as trains have been made.

Model Trains

How much is a Lionel train set X-538N4 worth in the original box?

the best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time. one with the color, turtle neck, that's the kind...

Model Trains

How do you build a lake for n scale model trains?

Using a plastic water powder in the right quantity, a dip in the baseboard to put it in, you can create A realistic looking lake

Model Trains

How do you make working model of lunareclipse?

Think flashlight, basketball, and baseball. You should be able to find an arrangement that will work.

Model Trains

How does a model train transformer work?

It works like a dimmer switch. As you turn the knob or move the lever it changes the voltage that is supplied to the track. As the voltage increases, the motor in the model train will run faster and thus the train will move faster.

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How big is a 1-35 scale model?


Of what? A car? A ship?

Scale of 1/35 means the size of the model would be the dimensions of the Real Item divided by 35.
A 6-Foot man would be modeled as 2 inches. [ (6 X 12 ) / 35) ]

The classic model cars (plastic, static models) are 1/35. So this scale was commonly used by plastic model Army Tanks and the men that go with them. The 1/32 scale models seemed to have been introduced with airplanes, which is very close to the same size as 1/35 scale.

A 1/35 scale model of a typical 1960's car would be roughly 7 Inches long.

For comparison, 1/48 Scale or "Quarter Inch Scale" means 1 inch of the model equals 1 Foot. This is a common scale for model aircraft. A model of 1/48 scale would be smaller than the 1/35 scale.


54mm Figures

For many years, toy soldiers were described in a different manner than a scale. A figure that was 54mm meant that the soldier measures 54 millimeters from the base of the figure to its eyes. It was not measure to the top of the head as most toy soldiers had hats that could be big or small and change the height of the figure.

A 54mm figure is very close to 1/35 scale and would be about 2 inches tall. Other sizes used for military figures are 90mm, 120mm and 200mm. Sizes of figures used by wargammers are 25mm, 15mm and even 10mm.

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Can a DCC equipped model train work on a DC track?

It can only work if you add a converter inside.

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What is value of Marx Electric Train model 5610?

That electric NYC 6 inch tin set should bring $50-$100

Model Trains

How do you landscape a model train set?

There are many ways to do landscaping for your model train.

The most important part in considering your landscape design is to take note or your space. The materials to be use can be the things around you -- your creativity is in control in designing your scenery.

Have fun! Happy railroading!

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How can you make a model out of waste materials?

If you look closely at any good model builder's work, you will not be able to guess the material from which it was made. This is a combination of well-fitting parts, precise cuts, and good finishing techniques. This said, I will say flat out that I am partial to cardboard as a building material. It is abundant, free, and as close as your nearest dumpster. Much of what theatrical model builders use is illustration board, which is like really thick cardstock. Sometimes you can get away with substituting corrugated board. There are many different kinds of cardboard, with variations in number of ply, durability, amount of glue, style of courrugation. Familiarize yourself with these to find the right kinds to fit your needs. Also, the magic of paper mache never ceases to do the trick. Recipe for the glue: mix cornstarch with cold water, pour into boiling water (one box will make about a large soup pot). Soak cardboard in water to separate the plys. Then rip up the material and saturate it in the glue. Voila.

use the remains of broken toys,toothpicks,bottles,eraser,pencils,paper etc...for better perfomance and looks<sanadhjasser>

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How big is 1-48 scale model?

Models that are 1/48 scale can easily be measured by using the following:

1/4 of an inch on the model = 1 foot on the real thing

1 inch on the model = 4 feet on the real thing



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