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What is a Confederate 20 dollar bill worth?


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September 14, 2009 1:42AM

The 1864 and 1863 Confederate 20 dollar notes are currently worth little more than a few gallons of gasoline. On average at an honest dealers shop you will find most bills to be priced at arount 15-20 USD. In some locations however you will find these particular notes to cost 100-200 USD, depending on the historical importance of said note. For more information, please, don't be afraid to ask. - 8ballbuilder


The vast majority of "Confederate" bills found today are actually replicas sold in souvenir shops or included in memento sets. Those made within the last 35 years or so are required by law to have a word such as COPY, FACSIMILE, or REPLICA printed on them but that's usually absent on older ones.

Many of the copies are printed on artificially aged paper using photo-lithographs of genuine bills so they can be difficult to tell from the real thing unless you look closely at the signatures - the ink is flat and on the surface of a replica, while it is a slightly different color and more deeply impressed on a genuine note.

The Related Link has a list of serial and plate numbers found on the more common copies; you can compare those to the numbers on your bill. If they don't match you should seek out a dealer or appraiser who specializes in Confederate currency and have the bill examined in person.