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A Confidential Information Memorandum is put together by a lead bank for a corporate credit facility when they wish to invite other banks to participate in the facility. Typically these memorandums tell you about the company seeking credit, why they want the credit, what it will be used for and how they intend on paying the money back. One thing needs to be kept in mind when reading one of these documents, and that is that the lead bank has put it together and they will describe the company/deal in its best possible light as they want other banks to buy. Banks often look for suiters for a credit facility that they don't want to assume all the risk on. Part of the information they organize is the Corporate Information Memorandum. For example Company A wants $100 million and Bank A likes the company/owners/business etc and feels they could service $100 million. Bank A doesn't want to be the sole lender of the $100 million so they look for other banks to lend a portion say $40 million leaving Bank A's exposure at $60 million.

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Q: What is a Confidential Information Memorandum?
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What does CIM mean in investment banking?

A CIM is a confidential information memorandum is a document that investment banks prepare with companies in a sell-side M&A process.

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It is very easy to write an information memorandum. The document will contain records and notes that are for future use. You should include all the essential agreements in the information memorandum.

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How do you keep information on families and children confidential

How do you handle confidential information?

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Characteristics of memorandum?

A memorandum needs to have information on who wrote it, who it is regarding, and what it is concerning. It may also contain other newsworthy items.

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Under normal circumstances you would not share confidential information, but exceptions can be made if human life is at stake (for example, if you have received confidential information that someone intends to commit a murder) or if ordered by a judge to divulge the information.

What is included in memorandum?

In a memorandum, always include the date, the name of the person(s) it's from, the name(s) of the person(s) it sent to, a subject line is helpful, and the information that you wish to convey. In business, a memorandum (and a letter), in addition to exchanging information is a record of that exchange and should contain all the information needed for a third party to identify that information.

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