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Impossible to answer. No detailed description given or even the serial number.

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25 cal baby browning by fabrique national d'armes was made in what year

you will have to call Browning or provide the sn

It stand for "national plant of war weapons herstal Belgium" Fabrique National is simply "National Plant" and it is common to call the Company "FN".

fabrique national d'armes de querbe herstal belgigue

Your serial number indicates that your Browning 16 gauge shotgun was made in the first year of production,which was 1909.

Browning offers history letters on their website for a reasonable fee. They will need the serial number.

Need to know what type of gun it is, and also does the barrel say Browning Arms anywhere on it?

If you are talking about a Browning Hi Power, German designation P-35 with original grips, stamps and magazine in the condition NRA 90% or better and the slide stamped Fabrique National D'armes D'guerre Herstel Belgium (spelling may be wrong), $800.00 to $2500.00.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description and the serial number.

Check the auction sites. To many variables that you don't address, like gauge, overall condition, accessories, box, manual, number of rounds fired, etc..

Without a detailed description you could be in the 100-1000 or more range

Your serial number is missing a letter and/or a letter/number preceding or above the 1663. This information is needed to determine the year of manufacture. Please re-check and ask the question again. Thank you.

Rawlings... They manufacture for both the AL and NL (American and National League).

On the 2 P-35s I have they have an eagle over the number 140. These are the most common. You will also see the eagle over swastika on both the slide and the frame. Also the eagle over 140 will be just under the barrel on the muzzle of the slide.