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What is a Fender MX serial number?

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It basically means that it's made from Late 2009 up to current, depending on the number after the EX: MX10 is a 2010-2011 Mexican Strat while MX11 is a 2011-2012 Strat.

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The answer is that serial number E909095 is a genuine Fender serial number dating from 1989.

Fender serial number is R08671 what kind of stratocaster is this guitar?

squire fender strat serial number 0060100758 was made in what country ?

Is this a genuine fender jazz bass - serial number PAT 28005?

Model number? It is a Mexican made Fender built in 2007.

Fender guitars are supplied with a serial number. The serial number combined with the body date (if present), the date found on the pots, neck date, and other guitar features.

Google fender and go tot their product dating page. it will help identify where your Fender was made. For example if there is a MN or MZ in front of the serial number it was made in Mexico.

The serial number on a Fender guitar can, in combination with other information, tell you a pretty acurate age of the Fender guitar. This information can be usefull to collectors and varify the authenticity of the guitar.

This guitar is from the U.S. Vintage Series made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA. Year Cannot be determined from serial number.

Yes I would like to know the the value of a Fender musicmaster bass serial number 359453?

Serial Number f015381 was made in Japan between the years 1986-1987.

In the early 2000's, Fender made some custom shop instruments that had serial numbers that started with 'R'. My guess is that you have a Fender custom shop bass. You could call Fender and ask them about it.

According to the fender website, your instrument is most likely from 1973.

I searched online on fender for like an hour but I could not find it. Sorry :(

2002 , it was made in America as well , you can find out dates of Fender guitars on the fender support page by googling it.

You use the S in the serial number to find out when your Fender Mustang Bass Guitar was made. If the serial number starts with S05 it means that is made in the late 70s or early 80s.

about 1400 dollars depending what condition it is if im right that serial number is from 1977

call fender eitehr from their website or a guitar shop and youll find out

Go to the Fender web site. You can look-up the SN there.

Your guitar was made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in the Year(s): 2005 - 2006

R series are made in Japan 2004 - 2005.

Not sure what the question here really is but the serial number is "M" means made in Mexico and "Z" is the designation for the year 2000 the number 5 after the "Z" makes it a 2005. So , you have a 2005 made in Mexico Fender Guitar.

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