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A Frankfurter is a type of sausage made from finely-ground pork or beef, often seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices. It is usually encased in a thin skin or casing, and can be grilled, boiled, or pan-fried before being served.

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Q: What is a Frankfurter made of?
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What is the definition of frankfurter?

frankfurter- a smoked sausage made out of chicken or pork history- Frankfurter was created in Germany in a city called FrankFurt

What is the origin of frankfurter?

The word frankfurter originated in Frankfurt, Germany. This is supposedly the first place where sausages made from pork were put in a bun.

How do you spell frankfurter?

The correct spelling is "frankfurter."

What is the meaning of frankfurter?

A frankfurter is a sort of sausage.

What is the population of Frankfurter Berg?

The population of Frankfurter Berg is 6,863.

When was Frankfurter Kunstverein created?

Frankfurter Kunstverein was created in 1829.

When was Frankfurter Zeitung created?

Frankfurter Zeitung was created in 1856.

When did Frankfurter Zeitung end?

Frankfurter Zeitung ended in 1943.

When did Frankfurter Löwen end?

Frankfurter Löwen ended in 1985.

When was Frankfurter Löwen created?

Frankfurter Löwen was created in 1977.

Who invented the frankfurter?

Thomas Franze of FrankFurt Germany invented the frankfurter in 1835 originally made from a wild boar he had discovered in his wood shed.

What is a ''frankfurter''?

.It is a German name used for a sausage like a mett or Frankfurter