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What green fruit grown on a vine begins with the letter c?

Cucumbers are a green fruit. They grow on a vine.

Can a green bean grow without a seed leaf?

No. The seed sprouts and the vine grows from the sprout. The green beans grow on that vine.

How do you harvest green beans?

When the green beans are ready to be picked, gently pull them from the vine.

What is the green vegetable that grows on a vine and looks similar to a wrinkled green capsicum?

they are chokos by the sounds of it

Do grey squirrels eat green grapes from the vine?


What is a vine with long thin light green or violet pods eaten as a vegetable?

Green beans. The purple ones turn green when you cook them.

When do you reap tomatoes?

You can reap the fruits either green or red. Once they get sufficiently big, they can be picked green and ripened off the vine in a dark cool location or make fried green tomatoes, or they can be allowed to turn red and ripen on the vine. The best flavor will be realized when allowed to ripen on the vine.

What are some solutions with a kudzu vine?

umm i am not so sure but i know that a kudzu vine is a green leafy vine that has purple flowers

Are green grapes and red grapes from the same vine?


Is it harmful to spray tomato plants that have green tomattoes on the vine?


What is a green pear shaped vegetable grown on a vine called?


What does a vine snake look like?

They are green and they live in trees in the forests.

What green vine fruit starts with c and ends in o?


What is the vine that is red and green stems and has beetroot looking leaves?


What houseplant has green leaves with pink veins kind of a vine?

Episcia C can have green leaves with pink veins and red flowers.

What animal eats green and red tomatoes in garden?

Squirrels and chipmunks will eat tomatoes (both green and ripe) off of the vine.

How do pinto beans grow?

You plant regular green n beana You plant green beans let them dry on vine and viola you have beans

What colors can vine school elementary school wear?

green purple and blue

What is the colour of a vine snake?

Bright green ! See related link for a picture.

A vine with longthinlight green or violet pods eaten as a vegetable?

bean, pea

Does pumpkin grow on a vine?

Yes, they do. The vines are usually think and dark green.

What is a green vine with green fruit It has purple and white flowers?

Maybe a passion flower? There are many species of Passiflora which produce fruit, most of it edible and green. Passiflora incarnata is native to the southeastern United States and has purple and white pretty flowers. In many locations, there will be fruit on this vine too.

What does it mean to dream about fluorescent green?

More information is needed to give a meaningful interpretation. Colors in dream are not significant in themselves. A fluorescent green vine would mean something very different from a fluorescent green snake.

A vine with long thin light green or violet pods eaten as a vegetable?

string bean

A vine with long thin light green or violet pods eaten as a vegetables?

string bean