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What is a Killer bee?

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A Killer Bee is just a strain of bee from Africa that is much, much more aggressive than the European strain that we are used to here in the USA. Their venom is no more poisionous that any other bee, they kill because they sting "in mass". The whole hive will pursue an intruder and hundreds of stings sometimes results in the death of the victim.

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What does a killer bee look like?

a killer bee looks like a normal honey bee.

Killer bee and biju vs jiraiya?

Killer Bee wins

Who is stronger killer bee or raikage?

killer bee all day

Does Killer Bee have a wife in Naruto?

Killer Bee does not have a wife and never has.

Who would win in a fight killer bee or pain?

killer bee

Is bee killer dangerous to inhale?

Yes, Bee Killer is dangerous to inhale.

What episode does killer bee escape the Akatsuki?

The killer bee escapes the Akatsuki in episode 143. The killer bee switched himself with a tentacle in order to escape.

Is a killer bee a vertebrate or inveterbrate?

A killer bee is an invertabrate because it is an insect there for it doesn't have any bones

Killer bee vs kisame?

Killer Bee vs Kisame starts on episode 206 and 207

What is the common name of the Killer Bee?

The Africanized honey bee. Euorpean honey bees were breed with African honey bees, creating a hybrid bee known as the Africanized honey bee, or killer bee.

Who is the killer bee predator?


Who would win a killer bee or a honeybee?

The Africanized honey bees (aka killer bee) is a more aggressive bee than the regular honey bee. The "killer bee" was created by cross breeding the African Honey Bee with various European Honey Bees. The fear many Bee Keepers feared when it was discovered that the "killer" bee's were heading to the U.S. was safety for their honey bee's. Since the Africanized honey bee was/is more aggressive. Therefore because of the intense aggression, the answer to your question would more than likely be the "killer bee" would win.

Why will Sasuke fight the killer bee?

Because Killer Bee is the jinchuriki(Host) for the Hachibi (8 tailed demon Ox)

What episode does Sasuke fight killer bee?

Sasuke fights Killer Bee in Naruto Shippuden episodes 142-143.

How much does a killer bee weight?

The average weight of a killer bee is 90 milligrams. The drones of an African bee hive weigh an average of 120 to 165 milligrams.

Can you stay alive if you get bit by a killer bee?

Yes, killer bees are Africanized so they are more aggressive but the individual bee is no more dangerous than a honey bee.

Who kiled kisame?

Killer Bee.

Who is killer bee in Naruto?

Killer Bee is the jinchuriki of the Eight- Tailed Giant Ox, and he is from Kumogakure the Village hidden in the clouds, in the land of Lightning.

How do you unlock killer bee in naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

complete story mode, then complete fragment. Go Killer Bee!

What eats a killer bee?

hi your mom

Killer bee lifespan?

3 Years

How many eyes does a killer bee have?


Is a killer bee vertebrate or invertebrate?

it is an vertebrate

How tall is a killer bee?

3 to 4cm

Does killer bee die in Naruto?

The recently released naruto chapter 495 shows Killer bee with naruto. So, he is not dead upto now.

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