What is a Meriden B Company 1866 piece made for Brattleboro House worth?


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Meriden B Company was a manufacturer that made silverware out of "black silver" the kind of silver that was economical doing the time, it still had the flare of expensive silver settings and today the silver alone is of high value, since refined silver was getting high in value and the price of refined silver was costly at the time, Meriden B Company started offering silver that was not "refined" before it was marked, it was before "nickle silver" so the silver is still 100 percent!

The product itself will appear black before you polish it, which should be left in that state if you want to sell it. All Meriden B Company is over 100 years old and have a historical value, family's that can trace back 100 year will know about the Meriden B Company product.

Meriden B Company went out of business after becoming well known for these kinds of products.


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