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Why is the Edict of Nantes sometimes called the Edict of Tolerance?

The Edict of Nantes may be called "an" edict of tolerance, as it promised numerous basic rights and demonstrated tolerance for French Protestants by the king, Henry IV. Signed in 1598, it should not be confused with the Edict of Versailles, signed in 1787 by Louis XVI and more commonly known as the Edict of Tolerance.

What roman rule made Christianity legal?

The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.

What proclamation made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire?

The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.The Edict of Milan.

What are Written edicts of a Muslim law?

A fatwa, handed down by a recognized authority, is an edict on a point of Islamic law. Is it estimated that the Muslim population of the world is roughly 1.6 billion.

What is a Popes Edict Called?

Generally referred to as a Papal Bull

How do you use edict in a sentence?

You have to abide to this edict . This edict was made by court.

What is a Muslim vicar called?

A Muslim leader or teacher (vicar) is called an Imam.

What is a Muslim prayer mat called?

a muslim prayer mat is called a mussulah

What is a Muslim called after hajj?

It is not necessary to call a Muslim by a particular name after performing Hajj. Anyhow, a Muslim man after performing hajj is called a 'Haji'. The Muslim woman is called 'Haajan, or Hajjan.

Where is Valentine's Day not celebrated?

Valentine's Day is not celebrated in primarily Muslim countries. There is Fatwa, or religious edict, against celebrating it. It is considered haram (sinful).

What is the meaning of the word 'edict'?

An edict is a formal proclamation, usually issued by government ruler.

What is red cross called in Muslim countries?

It is called the Red Crescent in Muslim countries.

What is a building used for a Muslim prayer called?

The building for a Muslim prayer is called a Mosque

What is a Muslim religious building called?

A muslim religious building is called a, "Mosque" (mosk)

What is the Muslim translation of huge?

There is no language called 'Muslim'. So, nothing called Muslim translation. You may specify Arabic, French, Italian ... translation but not Muslim translation.

What is a Muslim baby naming ceremony called?

Well a Muslim baby ceremony is called a Aqiqah.

What are followers of the second largest branch of Islam called?

They are called Muslim Shiites or Muslim Shiias

What are the characteristics of edict?

What is a sentence for edict?

The police officer edict to the crowd.

Why was the Edict of Nantes sometimes called the edict of tolerance?

the edict of nantes in France, under Henry IV, gave religious toleration to hugeonots(protestant calvinists). Henry IV was also a calvinist at one point, then gave up his religion to become the king of France.

What is a Muslim mat called in Muslim?

I think you mean what is a prayer mat called in Arabic. It is called: SAJJAADAH sajjadah It is also called janamaz.

Roman Emperor who issued an order called the edict of Milan?

Augustus, but not the original one. The Edict of Milan was issued in 313 AD by the emperor Constantine. He also held the title "Augustus".

How is called the Muslim call to prayer?

The Muslim call to prayer (Salat) is called in Arabic Athan or Azan.

What is the Muslim prayer called?

It is called a Salah.

What was Constantine's edict 527?

The Edict of Milan was 313 AD.