What is a PIN number?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, used for security, mostly in banking.

A pin number is issued to you by your bank or credit card company. Some allow you to choose your own number, some don't. Your pin number is a method to help ensure that the person using a credit or debit card is actually the person that signed up for it. It works by requiring you to enter usually a 4 digit number known only by yourself before being able to complete a card transaction. Since the PIN number is nowhere on the card, someone that stole your card would not be able to make such a transaction because they do not know your pin. You should never have to say your pin number verbally to anyone. It is only used when making cash transactions by electronic means such as ATM or at a store checkout with customer keypad. Some cards other than bank cards also use a pin to identify the user such as government electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards, or access cards for secure building entry.

A PIN (Note, not a PIN number, as the 'n' in PIN already stands for the word 'Number') is randomly generated by a computer and associated with debit and credit cards, mobile phones and other computer associated devices. The owner can later change the randomly-generated number to one which they find easy to remember.