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What is a PUK password for a cell phone?

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Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) on most cell phones are used to protect SIM card data from theft. Each service provider procedure varies so check the phone manual or contacts your provider for detail.

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How do you find PUK code for ATT quickfire?

PUK (phone unblocking code) can only be obtained via the Cell phone network provider

What does PUK stand for on a cell phone?

personal unlocking key

Your cell phone says puk blocked emergency call SOS?

my idea sim was puk blocked what can i do

How do you get a puk code for your virgin mobile cell phone?

YOU MAY.. -call us at 789 then ask for PUK code -register your mobile number online and get PUK code

How do you get a PUK code for alcatel tribe cell phone?

You canot get a puk code without a:Calling your network or B:Going in store to get it fixed

What is puk code for nokia c3?

it also happen to my cell phone... they say that the problem is from your SIM not from your phone...

How can one obtain a puk code?

For one to obtain a PUK code for a mobile phone, one must contact the mobile service provider that the phone is registered with. If the password for the phone is incorrectly entered for a number of times, the phone will need the code and security questions will be asked by the provider.

What is a cell phone puk?

A PUK or 'Personal Unlocking Key' is a security features on most mobile phone devices that save your SIM card data. A PUK code is actually needed once a SIM Card PIN code has been entered incorrectly. you'll get your PUK code: from the Internet. For more information about mobile phone, visit this link:

What is the PUK code for a Samsung solstice?

The PUK code is specific to the phone number not the phone. To get the PUK code you need to call into customer care

How do I retrieve voice mail from my cell phone without the password?

How do you hack into boyfriends voice mail without his password or his phone. I do it from my cell phone. His cell phone is a teen mobile phone.

What is a PUK on a cellphone?

The 'owners manual' with phone will explain what a PUK is and why it is important

PUK code for sony Ericsson w760a?

The PUK code for a phone is not based on the phone itself, it's a safe pin code for the sim-card. Usually the PUK code is written on the paper you got from your phone company if not, you need to call the phone company to get the PUK code

Where is the puk code located on a phone?

It's not ! The Phone Unlock Key (PUK) is supplied by your service provider on request.

How do you reset the password on your voice mail of your cell phone if you have forgotten it?

You will need to either reset your phone or call your cell phone provider to reset your voice mail password.

How can i reset my ht cell phone password i forgot it?

Go to telus if you forget your phone password they do it for free.

How do you unlock your phone lock on samsung g-e2121b?

Well if it is on phone lock mabye your trying to get a password like myself into your messages so no one can read them see when i was trying to have a password onto my messages i by mistake locked my puk so mabye its the same with you just go to your box that you got with the phone there should be a manual and in that manual there will be a puk number if ring meteor,02,voadaphone!

Puk code for lg ks 360?

There's no puk code for the phone. You need to have your sim card's puk code

What is the PUK code for Samsung M150?

PUK codes are specific to your SIM card, not your phone. You need to go to contact your phone company to get your phone unlocked.

How do you Disable the password on Samsung t629?

You have to have the phone company reset it, unless you know the password, then it depends on the cell phone

What is the tamagotchi password for a cell phone?

07201 43692

What does the abbreviation 'PUK' stand for regarding a mobile phone?

Personal Unblocking Key

What is a puk lock on a cell phone?

The PUK - is the Phone Unlock Key. It's not normally supplied with the phone itself. When you switch on your phone, If you enter the security PIN (usually 4 to 6 digits) wrongly too many times, the handset locks itself to prevent unauthorized use. You need to contact your service provider to get them to provide you with the PUK. Once you have it - keep it in a SAFE place SEPARATE from your mobile (NEVER store it in the memory !) - If you ever lock your phone by entering the wrong PIN, you can use the PUK to release the handset - and set a new PIN.

How you can get lebara sim puk code?

You will have to contact AT&T and explain to the operator that you need the PUK code for your phone. S/he will ask you what type of phone you own and the IMEI number for your phone. (The IMEI number can be found under the battery in your phone.) The operator will then give you the PUK code. Make sure you record the PUK code somewhere because you will have to enter it into your phone any time your phone is powered off from now on.

What is PUK-?

PUK stands for Phone Unlock Key. It's a unique number given to every phone - and is held on the computer of the service provider.

Your phone says contact service provider after trying to unlock a password?

In my experience (Unlocking a T-mobile Razr to use with a Cingular Sim). All you have to do is simply wait or 15 minutes to 2 hours for the phone to switch back to the screen that says "Insert Subsidy password" and then you can use your password and unlock the phone. Apparently though if you keep entering wrong codes into your phone you end up needing a PUK password and you are then forever locked out of your phone.

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